Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Todays thoughts are about new years eve. I find it odd that on just one particular night if you dont stay up untill midnight it's considered going to bed early. I understand the concept of staying up till midnight its a big thing and its fun to do. But why is it that if three days before new years eve you stay up till say 11:30 it's ok to say you had a late night but if you do it on new years eve you went to bed early. I dont really know what it is about this day but the line between late and early has moved back. The other thing i dont get is the people who stay up till midnight to watch the ball drop and then go right to bed after that. I feel if your gonna stay up till midnight why not go at least another half hour. If you stayed up till midnight chances are your not working or going to school or anything the next morning so would it kill you to stay up at least an extra half hour. I don't maybe i feel this way cuz on new years i stay up till like 2 but whatever. This was kind of a rant about new years and i appologize for that but it's just peculiar about the time scenario thats all.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

School Spirit

On my mind today is a little different but its about school spirit. In my school there are three kinds of people there Theres people with school spirit, theres the people who say they have school spirit but really dont ,and then theres the people who dont have school spirit and makes fun of the people who do have school spirit. For a whie i thought i was in the second group but then i became a senoir and i dont know why but my mentality on school spirit changed. I wrote the letters 09 on my face for our pep rally wrote my freinds last name on my forehead and let my friend outline my facial hair which im still not sure why i did. Then at the thanksgiving game i painted my chest as an A. Then at the super bowl game (ehich was like the coldest day ever) I did it again. So for some reason once you hit senoir year something in you changes. I dont know what it is but its there and it changes. I mean for all four years at the pep rally you like too shout your graduating class like 09 and for three years at the pep rally you like to shout freshmen suck(which is kinda true sometimes) but people never realy get into spirit week. Then your senoir year comes and that changes and i dont know what maid me think about this today (could have ben Jess's comment on my myspace picture which i still dont understand) but I just thought I would show how people change for the better when they become senoirs kind of a reason to stay for all four years and graduate. Im sorry that this was kind of a rant but thats just the way I was thinking of it today.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Tonight is the night that the Heisman winner is named. There are 3 nominees. They are, Sam Bradford Quarterback from Oklahoma, Tim Tebow Quarterback from Florida, and Colt McCoy Quarterback from Texas. Sam Bradford's stats are like this 53 total touchdowns (48 passing,5 rushing), he had 4,464 passing yards, 65 rushing yard, a 68.3 completion percentage ,and only 6 interceptions. Then theres Tim Tebow he won the heisman last year. His stats are like this, he has 40 total touchdowns(28 passing and 12 rushing), he had 2,515 yards, 564 rushing yards, a 64.9 completion percentage, and 2 interceptions. Finally theres Colt McCoy. His stats are like this, he had 42 total touchdowns(32passing and 10 rushing), he has 3,445 passing yards, 576 rushing yards, a 77.6 completion percentage ,and 7 interceptions. Personally I feel Sam Bradford should win the heisman because he has had the best season I feel. That is just my opinion you might feel differentlly but if i had a vote it would deffinatlly be for Sam Bradford.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Todat in my cooking class my teacher went over abreviations like tsp=teaspoon, and tbsp=tablespoon, and also how lb=pounds. I know that lb=pounds but why? It's not spelled with a l or a b any where in the word. It just made me wonder why the abreviation for pounds is lb. It just boggles my mind a little , and makes me wonder why it's lb.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Todays blog is about movies. I like movies very much and this post is about one movie imparticular that i feel everyone should watch. That movie is Batman The Dark Knight. That movie was the best Batman movie yet and Heath Ledger was a beast in that movie.(although so was everybody else) It was just one of those movies that you want to watch again and again, and if you havnt seen it yet i recommend that once ots out on D.V.D you netflix it or go to blockbuster and rent it or maybe even just buy it. You'll be glad that you saw this movie.