Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This sunday as many of you probablly know is the Oscars. So i am making my pics along with backup pics for the big 5(best picture,best actor,best actress,best supporting actor,best supporting actress). Alright I'll start with best supporting actress: My pic to win is Penelope Cruz for Vicky Christina Barcelona, now i havnt seen this movie so i don't exactly know how good she is in it but she has a lot of buzz, and my back up pic is Marisa Tomai for the wrestler, i have seen the wrestler (big shock i know) and she was very good in that movie and even though she has like absolutly no buzz she deserves to win and i think the academy will agree with me if Penelope Cruz doesn't win. Next i will do best supporting actor: In my opinion this is the most obvious pic of them all it wil be Heath Ledger for Batman, I've seen the movie i love the movie he was phenominal in the movie and theres no way hes not going to win everyone knows he is going to win but if by some miracle he doesnt then i personally feel Robert Downey jr. should win for Tropic Thunder (funny as hell movie) because he was hilarious and was good too but unfortunatlly he will be overlooked and if by some miracle heath doesnt win it will go to Philip Seymore Hoffman for Doubt. Next on my list is best actress: I think the winner for best actress will be Kate Winslett for the reader, I havnt seen this movie yet but ive heard it and she are both great, and if she doesnt win i think it will go to Meryl Strrep for doubt becasue she also is great in that movie ive heard again another movie i havnt seen. Next up is best actor: I feel this is another obvious pic being the comeback story of Mickey Rourke (which is my pic) for the Wrestler he was awsome in that movie it was a great movie and deserves to win the oscar for it, he played that washed up has been wrestler so well the guy just tryin to make it big one more time, he was great in that movie, my backup pic is Sean Penn for Milk, i havnt seen this movie but after Mickey Rourke he is the nexyt best bet to win. Finnaly my pic for best picture: I think Slumdog Millionare will win, again i havnt seen this movie but its been talked about as a great movie that has the most oscar hype to it, my back up pic is The Reader, i ahvnt seen this movie but it has been talke dabout alot as a good one that could win if Slumdog doesnt. Those are my Oscar pics i ahvn't seen many of the oscar movies maybe i'l try to do that with my time off from school this week. If any of you out there are going to see a movie that has an oscar nomination i strongly recomend the Wrestler there are some parts of nudity as Marisa Tomai plays a stripper but it realy captures what wrestlers go through and it makes you take a second look at that business(which i love very much) and there are some sad points that make you feel for him i dont want to give too much away but i think people should go see the Wreswtler. If any one has seen any oscar movie s please let me know what you thought and if you think i should try to go see it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pro Bowl

TOday in fact right now is the pro bowl. The pro bowl is where all the best players in the nfl this season come together in hawaii for one final game. It seems like it would be fun to go too. Maybe you couldnt get tickets to the superbowl so you end up going to the pro bowl instead.. Thats not too bad go to hawaii and watch the best football players play in one final game. Sure neither team is going to give it there all but its still entertaining. It could be the fact that its one final game. It's starting now so im going to go watch it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Biggest Day in Football

Today is the superbowl. It's between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Today is the day where america will gain 10 pounds from all the food they eat. Pizza places make millions of dolars probablly in tips alone, nevermind from the actual cost of pizzas. Today is the one day that rivals New Years Eve for the most party's. I am not currentlly going to any party's or having anyone over but i don't mind if people come over if anyone wants to. About 100 million people watch the superbowl and why not. It's got it all football, good music at halftime, and 3million dollar commercials that some people only watch the superbowl for. Hey to each his own right? If they want to watch the superbowl for commercials let them. All this fun starts at about 6 tonight and i'm looking forward to it.