Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Forgetta bout it

everyone i know likes movies. each person has their own favorite style of movies. for me its a good mobster movie, i love them. theres just somethin about them thats just really good. latelly ive been watching alot of mobster movies and thought of a good idea, i decided to rank my top 10 mobster films. now looking back at what ive come up with for my top 10 there could be a lot of people who will disagree with me, and thats fine but those people are wrong. now on to the list of top 10 best all time mobster movies.

10. The Untouchables this movie could be one of the most underrated mafia movies there is. a great movie that if youve never seen i highly recomend. without giving to much of the movie away it has to do with al capone a notoriuos gantser from chicago in the 20's and 30's. It takes place around the time of prohibition which was when alcohal was illegal in the U.S. The movie has an alstar cast of Robert De Niro, Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia, and Sean Connery. its just a great movie that i personally feel is vastlly underrated.

9. Road to Perdition this is deffinatlly one of my favorite Tom Hanks movies, he was great in it. The movie takes place in illinois during the great depression. The movie is about tom hanks character and his son trying to get revenge on the mafia that tom hanks worked for. I would tell you more but it would kinda give the movie away. This movie made me realize you really dont know what yyour parents are doing behind closed doors. A great movie that i feel everyone should definatlly see at least once.

8. Pulp Fiction One of Quentin Tarantino's best movies. This is one of the more famous mobster films and for a good reason. THis one is filled to the brim with stars that include John Travolta, Samuel Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Harvey Keitell, and Christopher Walken. If youve never seen this movie then you obviouslly dont watch much tv as its on some channel at least once a day. many people consider this to be tarantino's best film, I dont agree with those people while this is a great movie i think his best movie is one that will be on this list shortlly.

7. The Godfather PartII We are talking about what I consider to be the greatest sequel of all time. THis movie is almost as good as the original. This movie really moved the story along nicelly and made the series into the best mafia movie series there is. Unfortunatlly the 3rd one kinda hurt it as a mafia movie series. (luckily i dont really know of any other mafia movie series) The whole series is about the corleone family and their "buisness". An alla round great movie that is deffinatlly my favorite sequal ever. One of the only movies i know of where some people debate whether or not it was better than the first one.

6. Resevoir Dogs Now a couple of minutes ago I sad that i dont think Pul Fiction is Tarantinos best movie and thats because i think its this one. Resevoir Dogs was his first movie and boy did he ever start out with a good one. The movie is about a group of people who dont know each other and use colors as code names. THey make a heist but turns out one of them is a cop and they gotta try to figure out which one it is. Th whole thing is very good and in my opinoin Tarantinos best film. Although thanks to this movie i will never be able to listen to stuck in the middle with you the same way again. If you dont know what ai mean watch the movie.

5. Boondock Saints Incase anyone is wondering i mean the first one not the second one, not that the second one is bad it's just not up to par witht he first one. The way i look at the first one is its the deffinition of a cult classic. I had never heard of this movie or remember even seeing one commercial for it yet just about everyone I know has seen it and loves it( and rightfully so). The movie is about a couple of irish brothers trying to take down the russian mob. The movie has some great scenes and one hilarious scene featuring a cat. (Is it dead? lol) This is one of those movies that I like most epopel can watch again and again and again (although to be fair i can do that with every movie on my list)

4. Casino First of let me start by saying no one makes a better mob movie than Martin Scorsese, also no ones stars in a mob movie better than Robert De Niro. So you put thos etwo elements together and ou have one of the best mob films ive ever seen. THis movie is a true story about a casino owner in vegas and how the mafia was running thigs back then. It aslo does a good job showing the downfall of the mafia. along with Robert De Niro stars Sharon Stone , and Joe Pesci the movie aslo has Rhode Islands own James Woods. (Who actually made movies and isnt just a seemingly regular guest star on family guy). Deffinatlly one of the greatest mob movies there is.

3. The Departed This is one of my 2 altime favorite movies. This is a classic movie that keeps people ont he edge of their seats. Once again Scorsese proves why he is the best at mob movies with this classic. The movie stars Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Whalberg, Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen, and Alec Baldwin. The movie is about an undercover cop who joins one of the mos notorious Boston mobs. While at the same time this mob has one of their guys undercover inside of the police station. The movie is a hunt betwen both undercover guys trying to track down the other with helo from the police and the mafia. Its a great movie that has some twists at the end that some people dont see coming. This movie was one of my favorites from the first time i saw it i instantlly loved it a great movie that deserved all the awards it won.

2. The Godfather Thats right people the godfather is number2 on my top 10 list. I know a majority of people would rank it number 1 but i am not one of those people. Dont get me wrong this is a great movie and i obviouslly think that otherwise i woulndt have made it the second greatest mob movie of all time i just think there is one movie bette than it. Now if you have never seen the godfather then there is something wrong with your life this is 100% a movie everyone needs to see at LEAST once. A great movie that obviouslly was the originator for the greatest mob series of all time. This is perhaps the staple of which mob movies are measured by and rightfully so (i say this because my number 1 movie came out after the godfather so it wouldnt really be the staple if there already is a staple). One of the best mob films there evr was and it also delivered perhaps the greatest quote in movie history everyone has heard it but ill put it up just incase youve lived under a rock your whole life. "I'm gonna make him an offer he cant refuse"

1. Goodfellas Thats right Goodfellas is without a doubt in my opinion the greatest mob movie there ever was. Like i said withe the departed bieng one of my two favorite all time movies this is the other one. Scorsese's best movie ever. This movie made Joe Pesci and Oscar winner, and in 1990 i still think the oscars made the biggest mistake in osca history when Dances with wolves beat this for best picture no way is dances with wolves better than goodfellas. Anyway goodfellas is about the real life story of Henry Hill who was a mobster in Newyork from the 60's to the 80's. It stars Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci. Pesci plays Tommy Devito who is a crazy man mobster but has one of the best scenes in the movie. De Niro plays Jimmy Conway who is kinda like the leader of the 3 of them. The movie really shows what the life of a mobster was trully like and it made me for a short time wanna be a mobster. great movie that i feel is the greatest mob movie there ever was.

There you ahve it folks my top 10 mafia movies of all time. If you think i put one movie to high or one movie to low or left a movie out that you feel should be on this list or just any comments about it at all leave em for me and i will more than likely give youa response.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ranking Wrestlemania

Okay so Wrestlemania 26 was last sunday and i have been in a heavy wrestlemania mood still since then, so to help myself out i decided i would rank all the wrestlemanias from worst to best. I probablly should have done this last year since it was a more monumental wrestlemania, but it wasnt all that great so i didnt still have this buzz and also i didnt think of doing this till like 2 datys ago. So without further ado we shall start the countdown with the worst wrestlemania in the history of wrestlemanias.

26. Wrestlemania9- This Wrestlemania was just bad theres no otherway to put it. It was an awful wrestlemania that never really had a good match. The best match was when the show opened and Shawn Michales some how pulled off a good match with Tatanka. The worst part about this mania was the end. It had Yokozuna beat Bret Hart to win his first ever WWE title only to have him lose it to Hulk Hogan literally 2 minutes later. This was just one of those wrestlemanias so bad you actually have to see it once.

25. Wrestlemania7- Now this one in all honest wasnt all that much better than 9. It had an okay match between hogan and sgt slaughter for the wwf title which hogan won that night. It also had a match between savage and the ultimate warrior which wanst all that great either. But it did however feature the Undertaker start his undefeated streak against Jimmy Snuka.

24. Wrestlemania8- It seems like there was a period of time in the beggining of the 90's were the WWE(F) wasnt really delivering on there wrestlemanias. Although i must admit having this as the third worst mania ever really says something about how good of an event mania truly is. This event actually had some pretty good matches like randy savage beating ric flair to carture the WWF title for a second time, or Jake the snake becoming victime number2 in the Undertakers now 18-0 streak so while it wasnt anything special it wasnt all that bad either.

23. Wrestlemania2- This was a decent mania were they wanted to be inivative i guess and have it being broadcasted from 3 different locations. It was in Chicago, Los Angels, and New York. THis had a battle royal won by Andre the Giant but i think the thing i remember most about this battle royal is it really featured bret hart as a guy who could go to that next leverl(which he ended up doing later on very very well). It also had a steel cage amtch between hogan and king kong bundy that wasnt all that great.

22. Wrestlemania25- This one is dissapointing ona few levels, while it pulled off not only the match of the year but one of the greatest at mania ever in Shawn Michales vs. The Undertaker for the first time, it also lacked in a lot of places. The match with jericho and the legends was not all that great and was only good because steamboat was still good for some reason. Also this was a monumental Wrestlemania it should have ahd some extra something there that just seemed to be missing.

21. Wrestlemania1- Now let me make this a little cleaer i am in no means calling this a bad wrestlemania it was actually good. Its just no were near as good as the 21 that are better than it. Now i feel like when people rate manias they put this one so high because it was the first and wihtout it i wouldnt be making this list and that is very true. But when you look at the grand scheme of things it really doesnt come close to other wrestlemanias. Now it had a main event that i wouldnt ncesarilly call good but more fun. It was Mr.T and Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Pipper and Paul Orndorf. Now his was a decent match that was fun to watch(not as fun as MR.T and Hulk Hogan hostin SNL the night before there scene with Billy Crystal is a classic youtube it if youve never seen it its good stuff) but if you look at the quality of the match it wasnt anything special just like the whole night it was good and it worked obviouslly but ti wasnt anything special other than the first wrestlemania.

20. Wrestlemania5- This wrestlemania was the debut of one Shawn Michales and the Midnight Rockers in a tag team match which they lost to the natural disasters. This was actually a decent match. But the match of the night and possible the only other good match was Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage for the WWF title. This was right around the time they were starting to give savage a heel push which i still think was a great idea. The whole fued was built around Miss Elizabeth and it seemed (when i watch it on tape) like everyone was split betweeen hogan and savage. You eithe rliked one or the other but not both at this time. This mania also had a decent match were Rick Rude was some how able to carry Ultimate Warrioir were Rude was able to win the IC title.

19. Wrestlemania11- This one was a special one for the people who work for the WWE because this one was from Hartford CT, and there headquarters are in Stamford CT. So alot of people feel like they were going home almost. But the card featured a great underrated match between Shawn Michales and Diesel, along with another fun match between bam bam bigelow and lawrence taylor. This was the only time and for good reasons that bigelow headlined a wrestlemania. THe rest of the show was decent it had a good submission match between Bret Hart and Bob Backlund that had a weird finish were you couldnt tell if backlund actually gave up or not and then he went on some weird rant about seeing lights after that. IDK overall it was a decent mania that i feel like many people forget about.

18. Wrestlemania13- This mania was only good for 2 reasons and those are the WWF title match between Pyscho Sid and The Undertaker, and one of the top 10 mainia matches of all time a sumbmission match between Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin. That match made this wrestlemania good there was nothing else to it besides that match. The Undertaker match just helped solidify this as a good mania.

17. Wrestlemania6- I will be the first to admit that i was one of about 10 people on the face of the earth who really wasnt a hogan fan. I just thought why do these people like him so much hes not all that great of a wrestler but that is an argument for another time (i smell a future post lol j/k maybe). Then you have the Ultimate warrioir who could easily be in the list of to 10 Worst wrestlers of all time. You put these two in the main event of a wrestlemania and you are sure for a disaster right? Wrong some how these two elements pulled off what is considered one of the 10 best matches in wrestlemania history and even I have to admit it was a pretty dam good match. I still dont know how they did it but im just glad they did.

16. Wrestlemania15- This was the one that featured the Rock and Austin finally showing the world they are the real deal especially in the attitude era. All of the matches that came before it were decent not great but decent. There was the hell in a cell match between The Undertaker and Big Bossman that was an average match, but then these two came out and tore the house down and made this a good wrestlemania that will be remembered for a while.

15. Wrestlemania4- This was a decent mania that was mostly a tournament for the vacant WWF title. I must admit i do enjoy a good tournament which is why i am still upset that they got rid of the King OF The Ring. But this night it was the era of Randy Savge where he captured his first ever WWF title which had the all of trump plaza emotional after that. The end of the show had Savage celebrating with the title and carrying Miss Elizabeth on his shoulders and Hogan came out and celebrated wih them it was just a nice moment and helped make this mania pretty good.

14. Wrestlemania26- Thats right the one that just happened and it was a good wresltemania. now I'll admit i may be rating it this hight partly ebcause it featured Shwan Michales last match adn that could very well be true, but it really was a solid night besides that match. It had 2 great title matches and a slew of mid card matches that were also very good. And then yes like i sadi there was the phenomonal match with Shawn and the Undertaker which happened to so far be Shawns last match although i am one of the few who feel like shwan is really done unfortunatlly.

13. Wrestlemania22- This was a solid mania that had some really good matches. It actually could have made the top ten if 2 things didnt happen one is the BookerT vs boogyman match and 2 was the Kan and Big Show vs Chris master and Carlito match. Other than that it was a really solid card that had a really good main event with John Cena beating HHH to retain his WWE title.

12. Wrestlemania23- This was the first time a mania opened with the money in the bank match and that may have hurt it because it opened with such a big bang that it took a while for anything to catch up to it. It was such a good money in the ban that everything after it until Undertaker Btista was just like okay that wasnt bad but i though ppv got usually got better going forward. THen those 2 title matches happened and you were like oh okay so there are matches here better than those first two.

11. Wrestlemania16- This was a great wresltemania that just barly missed my top 10 and i mean barely. THis had a phenomina triangle ladder match between the hardys dudleys and edge and christian. The main even also was very good with the fatal four way between Mick Foley, HHH, The Rock, and The Big Show where each person had a different McMahon in there corner. It also was the first time at a wresltemania were a bad guy one the main event match and that was something new and cool that i realy enjoyed.

10. Wrestlemania18- This is a mania that only makes it in the top 10 for one reason and i will get to that reason in a second, first let me say it had some good matches that usually get underrated like Taker Flair Austin Hall or HHH Jericho but the reason it is in my top 10 is because of Hogan Rock. This match was such a super dream match that to this day when i go back and watch it i get goosebumbs. The fact that this was actually happening was increadible and iam not even a hogan fan and i thought it was monumetal beyond belief. I was also very happy to see the rock wh o i feel is the better of the 2 and was totally my favorite of the attitude era win this match. The fans were so into this match like i was watching at home this could have been the loudest i was for a match i watched at home.

9. Wrestlemania12- This is only this high because it features what i conseider to not only be the best wrestlemania match but the best match period in Bret hart vs. Shawn Michaels in a 60 minute Iron Man Match. If you have never seen this match youtube it rent it do something to make sure you see this match rite now. Forget about the fact that it was the first ever WWF title win for Shawn Michaels and was such a good moment to see even if bret had won this would still be the best match ever. The rest of the night actually kind of sucked to be honest besides Undertaker Diesel the rest of the show was crap but this Iron Man Match was so good that it made this mania a top 10.

8. Wrestlemania14- This was a good wrestlemania all the way through the only thing i didnt like about this mania was besides the Michaels Austin match every match was either just over or very under 10 minutes. But on to the Michaels Austin match. This match was easily the match of the night which shows just how good Shawn truly was. He carried Austin and yes i say carried because this was before Austin was a great wrestler which he was. He carried Austin all while he had a broken back. if you go back and watch the match you can see the pain on his face and in this match there were alot of moves that just made the pain so much worse. This also was the official beginning of the Attitude era which in my opion is still the best era pro wrestling has ever seen.

7. Wrestlemania10- This mania was sooo good and sooo memerable. It started off with a classic between Bret Hart and Owen Hart in a match that ended with Owen beating Bret which I never expected to happen (although i was 3 and thought it was real still and at that point Bret was my Idol at least until later in the night which i will explain). Then ther was the abosulte match of the night and deffinatlly imo the #3 wrestlemania match of all time the infamous ladder match. This match is when i became a massive Shawn Michaels fan. At this point he deffinatlly surpassed bret as my favorite(although it would take ma few years to let Bret go as the all around top dog) a spot that he reamins to this day and i can say with 100% confidence he will never be passed. Any ways it was a great match that even if you have seen go see again. Then there was the end were bret hart regained his WWF title from yokuzuna in a match that was actually pretty good and at 3 years ol and Bret as now one of my favorites made me very happy to see.

6. Wrestlemania3- This one is as high as it is for a few reasons. Lets start with the obvious reason. Hogan slamming Andre, there might not be any more talked about moment in all of pro wrestling. Everyone knows about when Hogan slammed Andre at wrestlemania3 even people who dont like wrestling. Then theres the fact that it is the highets attend wrestlemania in the history of wrestlemania but not only the highest attended mania but also the highest attened wrestling event in North america with 93,000 people. Then there is the main reason i rated it this high Savage vs. Steamboat now i said that the ladder match was the 3rd best match and that is because this is the second gretest only behind the Iron Man Match which i said was the greatest match period so that is quite the compliment. Seriouslly ive said go see alot of matches if youve never seen them but this is one that should deffinatlly be seen right after the Iron Man Match if youve never seen that. Just one of the all time greatest matches.

5. Wrestlemania20- This was good all the way around. It had great amtches and great moments. It could have been in the top 3 if it wasnt for Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. Now on paper that sounds like it would be a good match right? No it is perhaps one of the worst match in mania history that isnt a divas match(because those are almost always bad). But everything else was great the eddie guerrero vs kurt angle amtch were eddie retained his WWE title in a very creative way, not to mention the phenominal main even were Chris Beniot defeated both HHH and Shwan Michales to win his first ever World Heavyweight title. Then after that match were the confetti was falling and Chris was celebrating his big victorty Eddie is in the ring with his WWE title and they hug and celebrate together a genuine moment that will now be remembered forever.

4. Wrestlemania24- Lets forget for a moment that i was there this was all around a great mania minus the divas match were the power wnet out. It had what has to be the best money in the bank match yet. It had Ric Flairs last match against Shawn Michaels in what was a tremendous match. It ha the best involvment with a celebrity yet with Floyd Mayweather taking on the Big Show and it also featured a very good match between th Undertaker and Edge were the undertaker won his 6th wordl title, add the fact that yes i was there and you ahev the fourth best mania ever in my mind.

3. Wrestlemania21- This was another one that was good from top to bottom. It featured 2 good title matches seeing Batista and Cena each win there first ever big time titles. It had a great match that is often underrated between the Undertaker and Randy Orton where orton proved he could hang in the main event circle. Then there is the match that many call the match of the decade and i have to agree with them on that between Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels, the only bad part of this match was the fact that it had to end. This was a solid mania that was only out done by 2 making it the #3 on my list of best manias.

2. Wrestlemanis19- This mania had the best all around matches in it, there litterally wasnt 1 bad match every single one of them was great. It featured Shawn Michaels return to Wrestlemania ina classic against Chris Jericho. It had Rock vs. Austin 3 were the rock was finally able to beat Austin in another classic match that night. It had Vince vs. Hogan which you think wouldve sucked but since they made it a no holds barred match was actually really good. And then there was the main event which i would call the match of the night except its hard to call any of these matches the match of the night because it was so good. But anyways the main even featured Brock Lesnar beating Kurt Angle for the WWE title were in the match brock missed a shooting star press and gave himmself a concussion and made the match that much better its to bad that he got hurt but him missing and landing on his head looked so much sicker than if he had hit it. This was just a phenominal wresltemania.

1. Wrestlemania17- This is the greatest mania ever for a few reasons. It featured a crazy hardcore match foer the hardcore title between Raven, Big Show and Kane. It had what i consideer to be the match of the night with Angle vs. Benoit in a classic. It had a street fight between vince and shane that was just something else and also featured the first time Shane went coast to coast and that move made me go crazy. And it had the Rock Austin 2 which out of the 3 is deffiantlly there best encounter. THis was just all aorund solid and is only better than 19 because it had something else i cant really describe there was just some it factor that night that helped make this the ebst mania ever.

Well thats all 26 in order in my opinon. Well have to see how next years ranks(not that im gonna rank them every year because that is a lot of work i really dont want to do). @7 comes from Atlanta next year and is more than likelly gonan have HBK getting inducted into the hall of fame i might just have to be going backl to wrestlemania. I promise in my next few posts to talk about something other than wrestling as that is what my past 3 have been about and im sure some people could be sick of hearing me talk about it, but tis just one of those things i could talk about forever. Well have to see what is on my mind the next time i post, im bettin sports but you can never be sure with me even i dont know what im gonna think about ahead of time.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wrestlemania 26 Results

Wow was wrestlemania 26 ever good, how good you ask well lucky for you i am here to let you know, with my now annual wrestlemania results. For those who dont know i rate each match on a scale of 1-10. Let me start off by saying i had high expectations for wrestlemania and they were all but reached so without further ado on to the results

The Miz and The Big Show defeated John Morrison and R-Truth
This match was a good way to open the show. It had some nice back and forth action that got the crowd into it. The length was a little short but overall this match didnt need to be too long. The match ended when The Big Show made a blind tag and hit John Morrison with his knockout punch as Morrison was about to do his flying chuck kick on miz. Like i said before i feel like this match served its point of making Showmiz a tag team that can beat all comers and i look forward to what they do with them moving forward. Match Rating: 7

Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase jr.
This match was actually much better than i was expecting it to be. It wasnt a typical triple threat match were everyone is involved at once. They did a good job of starting it off as a 2on1 match and then from there breaking it down almost into 2 seperate singles matches. The match broke down when Dibiase went for a pin and Cody wasnt havin any of that. Then they started to go at it until they saw Randy start to get back up and then tried to go after him. Randy hit them with a ddt at the same time and Ted ran out of the ring. Orton got ready to RKo Cody but then decided a nice punt to the skull would be better after that Ted tried to hit orton with dream street which got reversed into an RKO and then orton picked up the win. Match Rating: 8

Jack Swagger defeated Christian, MVP, Kofi Kingston, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Shelton Benjamin, and Matt Hardy in a Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Now if the rumor is treu that this is the last MITB match at wrestlemania they did not give it a good sendoff. THis was without a doubt the worst MITB match yet. Now with that said it was sttill a pretty good match. I was however very dissapointed to see limited use of Shelton Benjamin int his match he is the reason this match is usaually as good as it is. But anyway the match ended with Christian about to grab the breifcase only to have Jack Swagger knock him off the ladder by hitting him in the face with the breifcase. Then Swagger took what felt like 20 minutes(really like 30seconds still pretty long though) to take down the breifcase and pull off the shock of the night. I must admit i never in a million years would have thought that Swagger was gonna be the guy to win it this year. So i deffinatlly give them an a for shock value here. Match Rating: 6

HHH defeated Sheamus
This match was a good solid match. The pace wasnt fast but i didnt expect it to be but at the same time it wasnt to slow either, it kept a good pace throughout. The match had some good momets were HHH was about to go for the pedigree but was countered and hit with the big boot. Sheamus went for the pin but was only able to get a 2 count. Then Sheamus hit HHH with another big bot but was spent so he wasnt able to make the pin. Then as they are both getting up HHH hits a pedigree from out of nowhere to score the win in what was a solid match. Sheamus deffinatlly proved he has potential and HHH helped him look really good in this match so cudos to the both of them. Match Rating 8

Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk
This match was very good and of all the matches that had happend up to this point was deffinatlly the best match. The only complaint i had was i felt it was a little to short i feel like they should have gotten another 5 minutes or so. But none the elss this match was still good otherwise. It had a lot of fast paced back and forth action. The match ended with CM Punk getting ready to hit mysterio with the go to sleep mystreio was able to counter and push punk into gallows and also into position for the 619 which rey hit and then was able to hit the splash and pick up the win. Like i said good match that if given maybe another 5 minutes or so could have been match of the night. Match Rating: 9

Bret Hart defeated Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred Lumberjack Match
This match was what i thought it was going to be about 10 minutes of Bret beating the shit out of Vince. The match started with vince saying he bought the Hart family and had them in his pocket only for Bret to say that the Hart family told Bret and he told them to double cross Vince so that wrestlemania 26 would be known as thenight Bret screwed Vince. The match was basically Bret beating vince up. Vince leaves the ring and gets beat up by the Hart family. Vince gets a crobar and fends off the Hart family only to get back in the ring and have Bret beat Vince up with the crowbar. THen a chair gets brought into the ring and Bret deides to hit Vince with it about 100,000 times. Then Bret puts vince in the sharpshooter and wins. I have to admit as much as this match sucked seeing Bret apply the sharpshooter again was awsome and brought me back to my childhood for a minute, but it didnt help this match in the good factor. Match Rating: 3

Chris Jericho defeated Edge to retain the World Heavyweight title
I must admit i had high expectations for this match adn it lived up to them. THis match was phenominal and was one of the best of the night. Jericho winning the title was a small surprise that i was happy with. The match had alot of back and forth action that ended with Jericho hitting Edge in the face with the belt and only gets a 2 count. THen he hits Edge with the code breaker and retains the title. THis match was very solid and the after beat down that saw Edge spear Jericho off of the anounce table through the litle baricade they have was pretty awsome and even added to this match that was already great before that spot. Match Rating: 9

Vickie Guerrero, Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse, and Alicia Fox defeated Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, Eve, and Mickie James
WHAT THE FUCK. This match could not have been serious was the WWE kidding me with this shit. Although through my pissed offness i have to give this match credit because it did the one thing i didnt think was gonna be possible that night, it was worse then BRet vs. Vince. seriouslly this match was not even serious and was an embarrassment to Wrestlemania. THis match had soooooo many messed up moves it wouldnt have been good for a raw. THe worst part was after Vickie hit the ABSOLUTE WORST frog splach i have ever seen she then went to pin Kelly Kelly and pulled her shoulders to high so the ref had to not wait to finish what could possible be the worst match in Wrestlemania history. Match Rating: 1

John Cena defeated Batista to become the new WWE champion
Wow this match was soooo much better than i was expecting. I was very impressed with this match. In the match there were many reversals including a ddt were cena landed almost right on his head and batista didnt tough him for a minute and i thought we had another owen hart steve austin incident. But that thankfully wasnt the case as cena seemd to be okay and finished the match strong getting big Dave in the STF and made him tap out. THis match was great it wasnt to long or to short and it was just overall great. Match Rating: 9

The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels to go 18-0 at Wrestlemania and ending Shawn Michales career
Let me start off by saying sorry Edge Jericho sorry Cena Batista you guys put in a hell of an effort but this match like the one they had last year was the match of the night and will be the match of the year. This match was very bitersweet and i feel Jerry Lawler said it best at ringside during the match "you dont want to see the streak end but at the same time you dont want to see Shwan Michales career and either". Very true king very true. This match was phenominal and i feel like if it truly shwan last match which i beleive it was it was a great way to go out. The match had some great movies including a moonsault from were shawn was on the turnbuckl eand hit the Undertaker through the spanish anounce table. The only downside in this match is the fact that The Undertaker more than likelly actually hurt his leg. The match ended with Undertaker hitting a tombstone only to have shwan kick out causing the undertaker to yell at shwan to stay down. Shawn wouldnt do that and gave the Undertaker the old thumb across the throat and then gave him a nice little slap to the face causing the undertaker to get pissed and hit shwan with another tombston this time getting the win and ending Shawn's career. As sad as i am to see shawn go (and trust me i am very sad about this he was my favorite wrestler ever and also just the greatest wrestler ever) i glad to see Shwan going out while he is still on top Im glad Shawn wasnt one of those guys who keeps wrestling even though he doesnt have it anymore cough ric flair, hulk hogan cough. Like they say all good things must come to an end (like this post lol) but i am really glad to see the WWE do the righ thing and let Shawns lat match ever be the last match of the night. Match Rating: 10

overall i gave this years Wrestlemania an overall grade of 70/100 or a c. This would have been better if it wasnt for that stupid divas match. But this years wrestlemania was deffinatlly better than last years mania. All 3 main events were phenominal and some matches were better than i thought. But that bring this years wrestlemania to an official close (thats right people wrestlemania is fully over till i right my results page) im thinking within the next day or two im gonna rank al the wrestlemanias from worst to best so be sure to check that out.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wrestlemania 26

Well its that time of year again the time of Wrestlemania. To get myself ready for wrestlemania i have been watching all of the wrestlemanias of past going backwars(i have no idea why im going backwards it just kinda happened). Im actually watching Wrestlemania 17 right now the best wrestlemania. Now Wrestlemania is a special time of year for wrestling fans. Each fan has their favorite mine being 24 for obvious reasons(I was there) but other people have their own favorites. Wrestlemania has made some of the best memories in Wrestling. Whether it is seeing Hulk Hogan pick up and slam Andre the Giant in front of 93,000 fans at wrestlemania3. Or seeing the Ultimate Warrior actually have a good match with Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania6. Maybe its seeing Shawn Michaels electrify the audience with a magnificent ladder match at Wrestlemania10. Mayeb its seeing Shawn Michaels acheive his life long dream of being the WWE champion at wrestlemania12. Maybe its Stone Cold Steve Austins shocking heel turn at wrestlemania17. Or maybe its seeing The Rock and Hulk Hogan go one on one at wrestlemania18. Or even Ric Flairs emotional last match at wrestlemania24. All of these and many more is a small part of what makes wrestlemania so legendary. THis year is the 26th anual wrestlemania and i feel like we will witness another Wrestlemania moment. Now on to my picks for the show

John Morrison and R-Truth vs. The Miz and The Big Show for the unified Tag Team Titles. Im not sure if this match will actualy be on the ppv or if it will be the pre mania match they have for the live audience. If it is on the Wrestlemania card it will more than likelly open the show. If given enough time this could be a good match. John Morrison could perhaps be the best wrestler in the WWE right now while the Miz has been very impressive lately. Overall though i dont see Showmiz losing their titles anytime in the near future so they are my pick to win this match. WINNER: The Miz and THe Big Show

Christian vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Evan Bourne vs. Kane vs. Jack Swagger vs. Drew Mcyntire vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP vs. Matt Hardy in a Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Now the MITB match is almost always the best match of the night it is always a high octane event. Im looking forward to this match. When it comes to MITB Shelton Benjamin never dissapoints he always steals the match somehow he is truly MR. MITB. Its just to bad that the WWE doesnt like to push him. Now when i look at possible winners 3 people come to mind. One is Christian because out of everyone in this match he os the best wrestler and most deserving of winning. Kofi Kingston is another person because the last few months they have been giving him a nice well deserved push, and finally Drew Mcyintire because they seem to be very high on him right now. But when i annalyze all the options i feel the best pick is Christian and that is who i will go with as my pick. WINNER: Christian

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio where if Rey Loses he must join the straight edge society. On paper this should be a good match maybe even match of the night. But you have to take history into effect on this one. Most of Rey's wrestlemania matches end rather quickly minus one or two of them. Cm PPunk has only been in MITB matches. So he hasnt really gotten over the wrestlemaia jitters. But i hope history doenst play a factor and we get a good match. Now when i look at which of these 2 guys could win it seems pretty obvious that they want to keep up this rivalry past wrestlemania and the best way to do that is to have Rey win so that is my pick. WINNER: Rey Mysterio

HHH vs. Sheamus This match is interesting for a few reasons. One its the first match since wrestlemania 17 that had HHH wrestle in a match that wasnt for either the WWE OR Wolrd Heavyweight titles. Now Sheamus has been given the biggest push in WWE history he got to win the WWE title within 3 months of starting in the WWE. Alot of people say that he only got this push because he is HHH's work out partner maybe thats true maybe its not who knows. I think Sheamus is pretty talented but not sure if he is ready for a high profile match this ealry in his career. Which is why I think HHH will win this match. WINNER: HHH

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted Dibiase jr. This match could and up being better than most people think. All 3 of these guys are talented. Orton in my opinion is one of the best wrestlers in the WWE right now. At the same time Cody and Ted are deffinatlly the future of the buisness. So this match is the whole the now vs. the future. I still feel like Cody is gonna end up helping Orton win this match starting up Teds face run. WINNER: Randy Orton

Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred match. This match i am not looking forward to for many reasons. One both of these men are over 50 years old. Vince is over 60 years old. Bret cant take any bumps because of a stroke he had back in 2003. He cant get hit in the head ebcause of the storke. So that means that this match is pretty much gonna be Bret beating the shit out of Vince. WINNER: Bret Hart

Shawn Michales vs. The Undertake The Streak vs. The Career. Now its not actualy being called "the" career but when you look back at wrestling no one has had a better career than Shawn Michaels. This is the rematch to last years classic that was not only the match of the night, not only the math of the year, but perhaps the best match at a wrestlemania. Maybe not Shawns best but deffinatlly in his top5 and it could have been The Undertakers best mania match. Now when picking this match the safe pick is to not go against the streak. But on the otherhand if anyone is gonna break the streak Shawn is the guy to do it. However i am gonna stay with the safe pick ans say the streak goes to 18-0. WINNER: The Undertaker

John Cena vs. Batista for the WWE title. THis match was actually supposed to happen at last years mania but batista was hurt so they had to put it off for another time. THis match is a rematch from their decent match at summerslam 2008. In that match though batista accidentally broke John Cena's neck. I feel like this match will not be as good as their match from summerslam for a few reasons. One is Batista has seemed to be lazy latelly and doesnt really put his all into his matches anymore. Also because of that Cena as good as he is cant carry batista to a good match. Now when it comes to my pick im feeling Cena because i feel like they want to have a Cena Btista3 and the only way to do that is have Cena win this sunday. WINNER: John Cena

Edge vs. Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight title. This is the match that i am looking forward to the most. I feel like this match is the favorite for match of the night. Both of these men are perhaps the best in the company so haviing them wrestle each other is a good idea. The back story has been great as well going into it. Everything about this match just says classic and i hope thats what we get. I feel like we will see Edge get his "revenge" on Jericho for moking him while he was hurt. WINNER: Edge

I cant wait for this years Wrestlemania whether i get my picks right or not it doesnt matter to me jyst as long as the matches are good i will be happy. If any of you have your own picks for mania feel free to leave them for me. For those of you who watch i hope you enjoy because i know if its as good as I'm hoping I will enjoy this years WRESTLEMANIA.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Okay its once again oscar season and that meens time for me to make my now annual oscar picks. This past year was a great year for movies oscar nominated and not oscar nominated just an overall good year. Okay so like last time im going to be picking the big 5 thats best picture, best actor, best actress, best supposrting actor, best supposrting actrss. Now usually i try to see most of the oscar nominated movies but i havnt done that yet so im going to have to go with what i have seen and from other award shows. First we have best supporting actress, Okay so the nominees are Penolope cruz for nine, vera farminga for up in the air, monique for precious, maggie gylenhall for crazy heart, and anna kendrick for up in the air. Now i havnt seen any of theese movies yet but have heard good things about all of them (especially up in the air) my pick for this category is gonna have to be monique just based on the way eveyone has been talking about her performance plus she won the golden globe and the sag for best supporting actress which usually means oscar so she is going to be my pick, my backup pick is gonna be vera farminga for up in the air everyone says she is the surprise pick for the oscar and i think they could be right so she is my backup pick. Next is best supporting actor the niminees are matt damon for invictus, stanley tucci for the lovely bones, woody harralson for the messanger, christopher waltz inglorious basterds, and christopher plummer for the last station. with these the only movie i have sen is inglorious basterds which was a good movie and christopher waltz is my pick to win the oscar. he was great in that movie and deserves all the awards he has won so far (golden globe and a sag) so i deffinatlly think he is going to win the oscar this year. my back up pick for this category is going to be matt damon ive heard that this is his best performance ina movie since the departed and he was ridiculous in the departed so he is my back up pick. Next is best actress the nominees are sandra bullock for the blind side, hellen mirran the last station, meryl streep for julie and julia, carey mulligan for an education, and gabourey sidibe for precious. My pick for this one while it was difficult for me to make is gonna be sandra bullock for the blind side. Everyone who talks about this says that the blind side is sandra bullocks erin brackavich(that was the movie that got julie roberts her fisrt oscar and really made her an established actress) plus with all the awards she has won she is definatlly my pick. My backup is gabourney sidibe for precious from what ive hearsd when you watch her in this movie there is 100% chance you will cry afterwards so thats pretty powerful and is why she is my backup pick. next is best actor the nominees are jeff bridges for crazy heart, george clooney for up in the air, morgan freeman for invictus, colin firth for a single man, andjeremy renner for the hurt locker. Out of all these movies i have only seen the hurt locker( great movie by the way) and i must admit jeremy renner was great int hat movie and deffinatlly deserves all the praise he has been getting from it but i dont think eh will win my pick is jeff bridges for crazy heart. he has won all the awards for his performance in it already so why not round it out with the oscar. my backup pick is still not jeremy renner even though he was great it is george clooney from what ive heard about clooney from up in the air is that he was destined to win the oscar until crazy heart came out in theaters earlier than expected so that is the main reason he is my back up pick. Finally the big one the reason people stay up late to see which movie will win best picture. This year for some reason there are 10 movies nominated isntead of the usual 5 i have no idea why but that is what they are doing the nominees are Avatar, The hurt locker, Inglorious basterd, UP, up in the air, a seious man, precious, district9, the blind side, and an education. Now ive only seen two of the 10 nominated movies being the hurt locker and inglorious basterd (both great movies highly recomended the hurt locker was a little beter) now im probablly one of about 100 people left in the country who havnt seen avatar but i havnt yet and still despretlly want to. My pick for best icture is Avatar from what ive heard it really was the best movie of 2009 and it also won all the awards so far. My backup pick is the hurt locker that movie was so good and so intense that it kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time you were watching the movie it was great the acting the directing everything about the movie was great just from what ive heard avatar is a little better which is why avatar is my number one pick with the hut locker being my backup. WEll i hope i do as good if not better than last year as last year i got 4.5 out of 5 right pretty good this year im hopin for 5 out of 5 but you never no there is always a surpise winner at the oscars. All i no is they should be great and i cant wait for this sunday. alek baldiwin and steve martin will be hosting this years event(i wonder if they realize that this isnt saturday night live theyre the 2 people who have hosted that more than anyone incase peopel dont get my little joke) they should be funny and it should be a grea night i might go see one of the movies this weekend before the oscars themselves well see but to those of you who watch i hope you enjoy and if you have picks of your own leave them for me in the comment section and ill tell you how wrong you are if you disagree with one of my picks just kidding.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SuperBowl over Wrestlemania coming

Okay so the super is now over after a good game between the colts and the saints where the saints won 31-17. I'm happy for the saints, it seemed like every person who wasnt a colts fan was rooting for the saints whether they were a fan of theirs or not. They were the feel good story of the year. But now that the superbowl and football is over :( i will now be focusing my attention on how things work out till wrestlemania. There are many different options i see possible playing out. I still feel that orton and dibiase will deffinatlly be facing each other at mania, along with cena and batista. Edge will be main eventing the whole thing but against who? I currentlly think it will be chris jericho but we'll have to wait and see. I have no idea what there gonna do with the shawn michaels angle, that one could go in any direction right now, maybe he faces triple h maybe he faces the undertaker maybe he is in the money in the bank and wins and cashes it in against the undertaker.(I dont think the last one will happen, but you never know) Also i dont know what they are gonna do with the undertaker or triple h will one of them face shawn michaels and if so what will the other one do. Man things are heating up in the wwe and its starting to get interesting, like i said before this area between the royal rumble and wrestlemania is like the wwe's playoffs and i like how things really get heated up. I feel like after the elimination chamber pay per view in 2 weeks it will be much more clear where all the story lines will be headed but until then i will have to watch and guess.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Okay we are now just a mear 4 days away from super bowl 44, and i couldn't be more excited. We have the New Orleans saints being led by drew brees to face off against the Indianapolis Colts led by peyton manning. You have your $35million commercials, your pizza places making millions apon millions of dollars, dont even get me started on how the liquior stores will be on saturday night and sunday. Okay now lets take a look at the game. Going into the playoffs the saints ended the season 13-3 after having lost there last 3 games of the season. But when the playoffs started you couldnt even tell that they had lost there last 3 they came in like a well oiled machine. Although when it came to their NFC championship game against the vikings they came close to losing it, but thanks to the vikings for making a very stupid to many men in the huddle penalty causing bret favre to throw the football, which turned out to be an interception. the game went to over time where the saint emerged victorious. THen there is the colts who ended the season 14-2 having lost there last 2 games of the season sparking alot of controversie within there first loss. Half way threw the game and a perfect 14-0 season they decided to take out their starters while only having a 3 point lead. this caused them to lose the game and made critics talk for a very long time hell their probablly still talking about it. But once the playoffs started so did the colts emerging victoious in both of their playoff games and neither one being all that close to begin with. Now lets look at each teams star player it just so happens that both teams star players are their qb's. The saints like i said are led by drew brees who in his 2 playoff games this year has thrown for 444 yards and 6 touchdowns with 0 interception. those are some very good numbers for a qaurterback to have. Then theres the colts who are led by peyton manning. Manning is coming into the playoffs with 623 passing yards with 5 touchdowns and 1 interception. Those are also very good numbers. Heres th big thing though experience has to go to the colts seeing as how they have won the big one once before. The saints are going into their first super bowl in franchise history. Also history is on the side of the colts lets look back shale we. Last year the steelers won the super bowl, the first time the colts won the super bowl the year before they won it the steelers won. The first time peyton manning won a super bowl it was in miami in the rain, this years super bowl is in miami and last i heard there is a good chance of rain that day. Aslo when they won it the last time in the afc championship game they made a second half comeback agisnt the new england patriots, this year they made as econd half comeback aginst the new york jets another afc east team. So history is on the side of the colts, but sometimes history doesnt mean anything. If the colts fall behind in this game bye 14 or more points there is no way they make a comeback the saints offence is just too good. Personally i will be ruting for the saints since they have never won a super bowl before i would like to see them do it. I fell like they will have the advantage of the crowd because miami is closer to new orleans than it is to indy and being their first super bowl ever i expect there to be a lot of saints fans at this game. It is hard to compete agaisnt saints fans when you are the other team thay just have some edge. All i know is it has the potential to be a very good game and i expect it to be very high scoring. I feel however i will be rooting for the saint something is telling me manning gets ring number 2 in a hrad fought battle with the final score being 45-41 colts. I hoe all of you who watch enjoy the super bowl as i know i will(unless the game totally sucks), and lets not forget that the who is performing at halftime. I dont think they will be as good as springsteen was last year but i am looking forward to seeing them and who knows maybe theyll have a half time smashing their stuff. But anyway i hope people enjoy the superbowl especially if anyone is going to any parties like i am those are alwys fun, but should be a good game so enjoy it people.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Okay i just finished what i would consider a dream day after watching about 4 hours of wrestling. It started with me finally watching the royal rumble 9i know a little late but better late than never). Overall with exception of the divas match i felt that the royal rumble was a very good pay per view. After Wrestlemania the royal rumble could be my favorite pay per view, either that or summerslam. The show started off with a pretty good ecw title match between christian and ezekial jackson. I have to say that match was much better than i had expected it to be, usually jackson has some bad matches but something about captain charisma made him have a good match. Next was a match for the us title between the miz and mvp. I really hoe this match wasnt the last we see of these two against each other, they had been building a very good rivalry going into this match and i would love to see that continue. Then i was a little surprised to see the wwe title match next but i was not dissapointed with it. I expected a good match between these two mostly because orton is currentlly one of the best and sheamus if given the right oponent isnt all that bad and is only improving. They had the divas match next which was a major disapointment and really didnt need ot be there. The world title match between mysterio and the undertaker was perhaps the match of the night that wasnt the royal rumble match. The rumble match itself was a good one like it usually is and had some surprises. The biggest surprise was the see beth phoenix enter in th rumble and have her eliminate someone. I was actually ok with that as she is one of the only divas who can have a good match. I was really glad to see edge come back as he could possible be my favorite wrestler right now not named shawn michaels. Then i watched raw which wasnt all that bad. I was glad to see them get the participant for the elimination chamber match quick instead of dragging the qualifing matches on like they usually do. THe angle with bret hart and vince is startingto look good but i feel like batistas interference in last night showdown was unneeded. I was really glad to see kofi kingston qualify for the elimination chamber, because adding him to a match only makes it better. cant wait to se what hapens this friday on smackdown with their elimination chamber. This is the best time for wrestling fans because the time between the rumble and wrestlemania is like wwe's version of the playoffs. So thats my post for today check back tomorrow as i plan on analyzing and making a pick for this sundays super bowl.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Very Long Time

Wow i can't beleive how long it's been since my last post over the summer. So many things have happened since then. There have been massive amounts of celebrity deaths :(, I have officially started college at CCRI, the super bowl is almost among us, the golden globes went bye( i should have made prediction i probablly will for the oscars though), the grammys were last night, and im sure there is more that i cant think of. I am now going to try to post things more frequentlly. Today on my mind is sports (big surprise). One of the big things in my opinion in sports this weekend was dion phaneuf of the calgery flames was traded to the toronto maple leafs and also was jean sebastion jiguere. For those who dont know phaneuf is a defensman and jiguaere (im not really sure how to spell his last name) is one of the leagues top goalies. In my mind i feel like this could help elevate toronto from one of the worst eams in the east right now to being a possible playoff contender. Now i don't think they will make the playoffs this year but i feel maybe next year they could be lookin at the playoffs for the first time in a while. This was a good move for toronto as both players will help out phil kessel in making this team good. The other big thing in sports this weekend is not the probowl but instead the oklahoma city thunder. As some may not know the thunder are and NBA team (my favorite) and there star player kevin durant was able to drop 45 points last night against the golden state warriors. Man is durant ever impressive, this is only his third season in the nba and i for one feel he should be this years league mvp. He is now second in the league in ppg after passing lebron(last years mvp). Idk maybe im wrong in thinking that but in my mind he should be this years mvp, all i know is as long as they make the playoffs (currently 9th seed) i will be happy with that. So thats it for now got some stuf off my chest and i hope to be back with before the super bowl and give people my take on that a little later in the week.