Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super Bowl

Today is the day we find out who will be joining bruce springsteen in the super bowl. Theres the arizona cardinals the philadelphia eagles the baltimore ravens and the pittsburgh steelers. two of these teams will be in the superbowl. I dont care who it is its just fun to think that the superbowl is only two weeks away. Two weeks away from the biggest game of the year. Two weeks away from 30million dollar commercials. Two weeks away from the first time bruce springsteen will have a tv concert. It's just cool to relize that in two weks the superbowl will be upon us. The sad thing though is in two weeks and one day the football season will be over.


jenfromRI said...

Are you having/going to any parties?

nick said...

maybe i hav to wait and see wats goin on at that point are you ?