Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Todays thoughts are about new years eve. I find it odd that on just one particular night if you dont stay up untill midnight it's considered going to bed early. I understand the concept of staying up till midnight its a big thing and its fun to do. But why is it that if three days before new years eve you stay up till say 11:30 it's ok to say you had a late night but if you do it on new years eve you went to bed early. I dont really know what it is about this day but the line between late and early has moved back. The other thing i dont get is the people who stay up till midnight to watch the ball drop and then go right to bed after that. I feel if your gonna stay up till midnight why not go at least another half hour. If you stayed up till midnight chances are your not working or going to school or anything the next morning so would it kill you to stay up at least an extra half hour. I don't maybe i feel this way cuz on new years i stay up till like 2 but whatever. This was kind of a rant about new years and i appologize for that but it's just peculiar about the time scenario thats all.

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Deren said...

I see what your saying Nick. To me New Years Eve is just another night. True we usually see some friends but I honestly can't say when the last time was I saw the ball drop. Its really not a big deal to me.