Thursday, April 9, 2009

WrestleMania 25 results

Ok sorry this is later than i said it would be (even though i bet still no one cares) but here are the results along with my oppinion of the matches for WrestleMania.

Carlito and Primo Colon defeated Miz and Morrison This match was not actually on WrestleMania it was a pre show match for the people in Houston so i cant rate it or tell you about it because i didnt see it.
C.M Punk defeated Mark Henry, Finlay, Christian, Kofi Kingston, MVP, Kane, and Shelton Benjamin in the Money In The Bank ladder match Match starts with the ring being cleared exceot for the two big guys Mark Henry and Kane and they slugg it out for a couple seconds. Then it seems like everyone jumped over the top rope onto the other competitors, only to be finished with Shelton Benjamin doing a swanton off the top of like a 15-20 foot ladder. Then back in the ring finlay sets up a ladder only to have Kofi Kingston jumo through it and kick Finlay in the face. Shelton does a good powerbomb to MVP over the top rope onto Mark Henry. Then Christian gets choked slammed off of the top of a ladder by Kane who then gets kicked by C.M Punk off of the ladder and we have our first back to back winner. Good match with lots of action and a good way to start the show. MATCH RATING: 8
Santina Marella wins 25 diva battle royal Match started after an overly long Kid Rock performance. There was no entrance so you didnt really know who was in the match. It didnt really go all that well after that either. The match went really fast and then its santino marella (santina) winning the battle royal. MATCH RATING: 4
Chris Jericho defeated Rowdy Roddy Piper Jimmy Snuka and Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat Match started off slow with Jericho facing the 185 year old Jimmy Snuka who was quickly eliminated afeter taping out to the walls of jericho. Then it was Piper and Jericho and piper got beaten quickly. Wich left it down to Jericho and Steamboat who was actually very good in this match. Steamboat helped make this match watchable. After the match Jericho called in Mickey Rourke and Rourke punched Jericho in the face and knocked him out of the ring. Overall it was pretty decent a match thanks to Steamboat. MATCH RATING: 7
Matt Hardy defeated Jeff Hardy in an extreme rules match Match started off pretty good with jeff beating down Matt in the beginning. Then later on in the match Jeff splashes Matt through two tables. Then Jeff sets up two ladders in the ring and leap frogs over one of them off of the other and mises a leg drop onto Matt. This set up Matts twist of fate while Jeffs head was in a chair. Decent match that served its point wouldnt have been as good if it was a regular match. MATCH RATING: 7.5
Rey Mesterio defeated JBL for the intercontinental title This match was deffinatlly pointless JBL trash talks Rey about how this was going to be the most dominant victory in wrestlemania history, then hits rey with a boot to the face. After that the bell rings Rey hits JBL with a kick and then a 619 and wins the match in 21 seconds. Just plain dumb instead of this they could have extend a match like the divas battle royal and maybe made that better. MATCH RATING 3
The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels Match started off really good and just continued that way through out. Match starts with HBK hiting and running. Then about half way through the match rolls to the outside. Shawn goes up top for a moonsault and the undertaker swats him away. The Undertaker then goes into the ring and does his over the top rope move he always does at wrestlemania and at this point shawn pulls a camera man in the way and the undertaker crashes into him. Then there were tons of false finishes including a chokeslam a last ride powerbomb a tombstone and two superkicks. Then after over a half hour of wrestling between two of the oldest guys in the company Shawn goes for a moonsault but is caught by the undertaker and is tombstoned and the Undertaker inproves to 17-0. MATCH RATING 10
John Cena defeated Big Show and Edge for the world heavey weight title Match started off with the big show getting the upper hand to begin with but it eventually turned into all equal. Match has a good spot were edge spears the big show after jumping off of the ring steps and sent the big show through the baracede. Then John Cena shows soem verry impressive strength when he lifts the big show and edge together which is over 700lbs! Then he slammed the big show then slams edge and pins the bigh show for the win. MATCH RATING 8
HHH defeated Randy Orton to retain the wwe title Match started off very back and forth. Then Randy Orton starts to get the better of hhh for like 5 to 10 minutes. Eventually HHH fights back but not before getting hit with an rko and kicked out ofter a 2.99 count ( as the wrestling reporters say). Then HHH hits the pedigree for the 1, 2, 3 and gets his first wrestlemania win in 6 years. MATCH RATING 8.5
Overall I gave this years wrestlemania a 56/80 which is a 70. no t a bad grade but for the 25th anniversary of wrestlmania it could have been much better. I still think it was good mastly for the Undertaker Shawn Michaels match and the two title matches. So that was WrestleMania next is Backlash from my home state of rhode island providence rhode island to be exact. Maybe ill make predictions for that pay per view to make up for my horrible wrestlemania picks. Maybe not we will have to see how it looks but i'll be back some time soon.

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