Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Long Time

It's been a long time since i have blogged and i appologize to all of my 1 person who reads this. I can't beleive i took this long because a lot of things have happened in the world since my last post. First there was the N.F.L draft where my 49ers drafted mike crabtree wr from texas tech. Then there was the death of that kung fu star and still no one is really sure if it was suicide or what last i heard they thought it was murder. Then the Pittsburgh Penguins win the stanley cup in a very good 7 game series with the Red Wings. The lakers won the N.B.A champinship in a 5 game series with the Magic. also i just heard today that Ed McMahon died. A lot has happened since my last post which was a bout wrestlemania and in the wrestling world Vince Mcmhaon has cut like almost every wrestler he has it seems. Then there was the story line were he "sold" monday night raw to Donald Trump and Trump decided to make last nights raw commercial free first time in 17 years. So i let time pass me by and i didnt mean to do that so hopefully i will post sometime soon. I also forgot one of the most important things that has happened since my lat post i have graudted from Tolman High School in pawtucket Rhode Island. So hopefully my next one will come sooner than this one did.

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jenfromRI said...

football football football . . .wrestling wrestling wrestling . . . oh yeah I graduated. Jeez, Nick!