Friday, February 25, 2011

And the Oscar goes to

Okay its that time of year again Oscar season. With the oscars happening this sunday i thought today would be a perfect day to go with my 3rd annual oscar picks. Like the other times i will be picking my winner for the 5 big categories Best Supporting actress, best supporting actor, best actress, best actor, and of course the big one best picture. Along with each pick i will make a backup pick, that will be worth half as many points. Lets go onto the first category.
Best supporting actress: The nominees for this category are Amy Adams for The Fighter, Helena Bonham Carter for The King's Speech, Melissa Leo for The Fighter, Hailee Steinfeld for True Grit, and Jacki Weaver for Animal Kingdom. I was surprised to see that Mila Kunis wasnt nominated for her performance in black swan, I thought she got good reviews for that movie. Now out of the nominated actresses i have only seen the kings speech so far and Helena Bonham Carter was very good in that movie. I just dont think she is going to win the award. I think im going to have to go with Melissa Leo for the Fighter she did win the golden globe and i havnt seen the movie yet to judge if she was good enough or not yet (hoping to see it before sunday). I think with my back up pick though i am going to go with HBC for The Kings Speech.Winner: Melissa Leo Backup: Helena Bonham Carter
Best Supporting Actor: The nominees for this category are Chrsitian Bale for The Fighter, Geoffrey Rush for The King's Speech, Jeremy Renner for The Town, Mark Ruffalo for The Kid's Are Alright, and John Hawks for Winter's Bones. Now in this category i have seen a few of the movies, like i said earlier i saw the kings speech. I have aslo seen The Town which i was upset wasnt nominated for best picture, it was one of the best movies ive seen all year. Now both men were great in each movie, personally i thought they were each the best part of their respective movies. However i dont see either one of them winning the award this year. I feel like this category is one of the most obvious winners of the year. Everyone has talked non stop about how great Christian Bale is and that there is no way he doesnt win the award for best supporting actor this year. He did win the golden globe so he has a case to make as the favorite. So i am going to have to pick him to win it this year. Back up was actually the tough part for me to pick because it came down to rush and renner. I feel like it doesnt matter which one i pick because it is going to Bale this year so just becasue i loved the movie so much im going to go with Jeremy Rener as my back up pick this year. Winner: Christian Bale Back up: Jeremy Renner
Best Actress: The Nominees are Annette Bening for The Kids Are Alright, Nicole Kidmann for Rabbit Hole, Natalie Portman for Black Swan, Jennifer Lawrence for Winters Bone, and Michelle Williams for Blue Valentine. Now unfortunatlly i havnt seen any of these movies yet so im pretty much basing this soley on what ive heard from the media. According to all the award shows and the "experts" Natalie Portman is a runaway in this category. Everyone else who has made picks has chosen her to win the award. Part of me feels like because of all the attention i should choose else were, but at the same time i feel like choosing else ware is going to cost me the pick. So i think im going to have to go with Natalie Portman in the Black Swan. for my back up though i have heard very good things about Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole so i think thats were im going to go back up wise. Winner: Natalie Portman Back up: Nicole Kidman
Best Actor: The Nominees are Colin Firth for The Kings Speech, James Franco for 127Hours, Jesse Eisenberg for The Social Network, Jeff Bridges for True Grit, and Javier Bardem for Biutiful. I was alittle surprised that Mark Wahlberg wasnt nominated. Now for the people who actually were nominated i have only seen the kings speech and can honestly say Colin Firth was fantastic in that movie. I can see where all of his oscar hype is coming from. Also alot of people felt he was robbed of the oscars last year so he will most certainly win it this year. At the same time though i have heard very good things about James Franco's performance from 127Hours. Theres also Jeff Bridges who takes on the role of rooster cogburn which won John Wayne an oscar back in 1969. But Ive heard that in the movie its pretty much like watching The Dude play a cowboy and it kind of loses its credibility. Thats why i have narrowed it down to Colin Firth and James Franco. The hard part is picking the winner but im going to have to go with Colin Firth just because ive actually seen that movie and know what im talking about. Winner: Colin Firth Back up: James Franco
Best Picture: Here we are the big award of the night. The one people are going to struggle to stay awake for and some will fall asleep only to go to work the next day telling everyone they work with they saw the whole thing when realy they just saw the winner announced on the today show. The nominees for this award are The Social Network, Inception, Toy Story 3, The Fighter, The Kings Speech, 127Hours, True Grit, The Kids Are Alright, Winters Bone, and Black Swan. First of i want to say i was very upset that The Town was not nominated for best picture this year. I truly belived it was one of the best movies i have seen this year. I actuallu like dit better than all of the nomianted movies I have seen. Which by the way is just about half of them. So far i have seen, The Social Network, Inception, Toy Story 3, and The Kings Speech. This was by far the toughest category for me to pick from. Some very good movies nominated here. The Social Network did win the Golden GLobe for the same category so thats got to count for something right? At the same time though some of the other movies i have seen i thought were a little bit better than the scoial network. Liek for example i thought Inception was a little better than it but i dont see Inception winning best picture. I also thought The Kings speech was better than the Social Network, that one i could see wining the Oscar. But I dont know it's a very tough call. I dont see Toy Story 3 winning best picture(although i guarantee it wins best animated film). I give the fighter a very god chance of pulling out the win in this category also. It was a very tough decision for me to have to make but in the end i went with The Social Network as the movie that wins the oscar. Picking a back up is just as hard but i had it narrowed down to the kings speech and the fighter but i went with the fighter as my back up. Winner: The Social Network Back up: The Fighter. i really hope i dont get screwed in this category again by having my back up win like last year when i was stupid and picked Avatar over the Hurt Locker. I still havnt f rogivin myself for that one yet.
Wll ther you have it folks my oscar picks for this year. I hope to see a few more of the movies before sunday but i doubt i will get the chance to see alot more before then, seeing as how its already friday. But i hope all of you who watch enjoy and also feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think of my picks and make a few pick of your own.

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Great review. You got the 4.5 again. Its okay i'll still come back and read every year.