Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Forgetta bout it

everyone i know likes movies. each person has their own favorite style of movies. for me its a good mobster movie, i love them. theres just somethin about them thats just really good. latelly ive been watching alot of mobster movies and thought of a good idea, i decided to rank my top 10 mobster films. now looking back at what ive come up with for my top 10 there could be a lot of people who will disagree with me, and thats fine but those people are wrong. now on to the list of top 10 best all time mobster movies.

10. The Untouchables this movie could be one of the most underrated mafia movies there is. a great movie that if youve never seen i highly recomend. without giving to much of the movie away it has to do with al capone a notoriuos gantser from chicago in the 20's and 30's. It takes place around the time of prohibition which was when alcohal was illegal in the U.S. The movie has an alstar cast of Robert De Niro, Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia, and Sean Connery. its just a great movie that i personally feel is vastlly underrated.

9. Road to Perdition this is deffinatlly one of my favorite Tom Hanks movies, he was great in it. The movie takes place in illinois during the great depression. The movie is about tom hanks character and his son trying to get revenge on the mafia that tom hanks worked for. I would tell you more but it would kinda give the movie away. This movie made me realize you really dont know what yyour parents are doing behind closed doors. A great movie that i feel everyone should definatlly see at least once.

8. Pulp Fiction One of Quentin Tarantino's best movies. This is one of the more famous mobster films and for a good reason. THis one is filled to the brim with stars that include John Travolta, Samuel Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Harvey Keitell, and Christopher Walken. If youve never seen this movie then you obviouslly dont watch much tv as its on some channel at least once a day. many people consider this to be tarantino's best film, I dont agree with those people while this is a great movie i think his best movie is one that will be on this list shortlly.

7. The Godfather PartII We are talking about what I consider to be the greatest sequel of all time. THis movie is almost as good as the original. This movie really moved the story along nicelly and made the series into the best mafia movie series there is. Unfortunatlly the 3rd one kinda hurt it as a mafia movie series. (luckily i dont really know of any other mafia movie series) The whole series is about the corleone family and their "buisness". An alla round great movie that is deffinatlly my favorite sequal ever. One of the only movies i know of where some people debate whether or not it was better than the first one.

6. Resevoir Dogs Now a couple of minutes ago I sad that i dont think Pul Fiction is Tarantinos best movie and thats because i think its this one. Resevoir Dogs was his first movie and boy did he ever start out with a good one. The movie is about a group of people who dont know each other and use colors as code names. THey make a heist but turns out one of them is a cop and they gotta try to figure out which one it is. Th whole thing is very good and in my opinoin Tarantinos best film. Although thanks to this movie i will never be able to listen to stuck in the middle with you the same way again. If you dont know what ai mean watch the movie.

5. Boondock Saints Incase anyone is wondering i mean the first one not the second one, not that the second one is bad it's just not up to par witht he first one. The way i look at the first one is its the deffinition of a cult classic. I had never heard of this movie or remember even seeing one commercial for it yet just about everyone I know has seen it and loves it( and rightfully so). The movie is about a couple of irish brothers trying to take down the russian mob. The movie has some great scenes and one hilarious scene featuring a cat. (Is it dead? lol) This is one of those movies that I like most epopel can watch again and again and again (although to be fair i can do that with every movie on my list)

4. Casino First of let me start by saying no one makes a better mob movie than Martin Scorsese, also no ones stars in a mob movie better than Robert De Niro. So you put thos etwo elements together and ou have one of the best mob films ive ever seen. THis movie is a true story about a casino owner in vegas and how the mafia was running thigs back then. It aslo does a good job showing the downfall of the mafia. along with Robert De Niro stars Sharon Stone , and Joe Pesci the movie aslo has Rhode Islands own James Woods. (Who actually made movies and isnt just a seemingly regular guest star on family guy). Deffinatlly one of the greatest mob movies there is.

3. The Departed This is one of my 2 altime favorite movies. This is a classic movie that keeps people ont he edge of their seats. Once again Scorsese proves why he is the best at mob movies with this classic. The movie stars Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Whalberg, Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen, and Alec Baldwin. The movie is about an undercover cop who joins one of the mos notorious Boston mobs. While at the same time this mob has one of their guys undercover inside of the police station. The movie is a hunt betwen both undercover guys trying to track down the other with helo from the police and the mafia. Its a great movie that has some twists at the end that some people dont see coming. This movie was one of my favorites from the first time i saw it i instantlly loved it a great movie that deserved all the awards it won.

2. The Godfather Thats right people the godfather is number2 on my top 10 list. I know a majority of people would rank it number 1 but i am not one of those people. Dont get me wrong this is a great movie and i obviouslly think that otherwise i woulndt have made it the second greatest mob movie of all time i just think there is one movie bette than it. Now if you have never seen the godfather then there is something wrong with your life this is 100% a movie everyone needs to see at LEAST once. A great movie that obviouslly was the originator for the greatest mob series of all time. This is perhaps the staple of which mob movies are measured by and rightfully so (i say this because my number 1 movie came out after the godfather so it wouldnt really be the staple if there already is a staple). One of the best mob films there evr was and it also delivered perhaps the greatest quote in movie history everyone has heard it but ill put it up just incase youve lived under a rock your whole life. "I'm gonna make him an offer he cant refuse"

1. Goodfellas Thats right Goodfellas is without a doubt in my opinion the greatest mob movie there ever was. Like i said withe the departed bieng one of my two favorite all time movies this is the other one. Scorsese's best movie ever. This movie made Joe Pesci and Oscar winner, and in 1990 i still think the oscars made the biggest mistake in osca history when Dances with wolves beat this for best picture no way is dances with wolves better than goodfellas. Anyway goodfellas is about the real life story of Henry Hill who was a mobster in Newyork from the 60's to the 80's. It stars Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci. Pesci plays Tommy Devito who is a crazy man mobster but has one of the best scenes in the movie. De Niro plays Jimmy Conway who is kinda like the leader of the 3 of them. The movie really shows what the life of a mobster was trully like and it made me for a short time wanna be a mobster. great movie that i feel is the greatest mob movie there ever was.

There you ahve it folks my top 10 mafia movies of all time. If you think i put one movie to high or one movie to low or left a movie out that you feel should be on this list or just any comments about it at all leave em for me and i will more than likely give youa response.

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