Thursday, December 18, 2008

School Spirit

On my mind today is a little different but its about school spirit. In my school there are three kinds of people there Theres people with school spirit, theres the people who say they have school spirit but really dont ,and then theres the people who dont have school spirit and makes fun of the people who do have school spirit. For a whie i thought i was in the second group but then i became a senoir and i dont know why but my mentality on school spirit changed. I wrote the letters 09 on my face for our pep rally wrote my freinds last name on my forehead and let my friend outline my facial hair which im still not sure why i did. Then at the thanksgiving game i painted my chest as an A. Then at the super bowl game (ehich was like the coldest day ever) I did it again. So for some reason once you hit senoir year something in you changes. I dont know what it is but its there and it changes. I mean for all four years at the pep rally you like too shout your graduating class like 09 and for three years at the pep rally you like to shout freshmen suck(which is kinda true sometimes) but people never realy get into spirit week. Then your senoir year comes and that changes and i dont know what maid me think about this today (could have ben Jess's comment on my myspace picture which i still dont understand) but I just thought I would show how people change for the better when they become senoirs kind of a reason to stay for all four years and graduate. Im sorry that this was kind of a rant but thats just the way I was thinking of it today.


jenfromRI said...

Yeah Tolman! I still have school spirit. I really wish I could have seen your facial hair outlined. I'm trying to picture it, but so far I got nothing.

nick said...

theres a picture of my face oulined somewere someone at school took so ill try to find it for you