Monday, February 1, 2010

Very Long Time

Wow i can't beleive how long it's been since my last post over the summer. So many things have happened since then. There have been massive amounts of celebrity deaths :(, I have officially started college at CCRI, the super bowl is almost among us, the golden globes went bye( i should have made prediction i probablly will for the oscars though), the grammys were last night, and im sure there is more that i cant think of. I am now going to try to post things more frequentlly. Today on my mind is sports (big surprise). One of the big things in my opinion in sports this weekend was dion phaneuf of the calgery flames was traded to the toronto maple leafs and also was jean sebastion jiguere. For those who dont know phaneuf is a defensman and jiguaere (im not really sure how to spell his last name) is one of the leagues top goalies. In my mind i feel like this could help elevate toronto from one of the worst eams in the east right now to being a possible playoff contender. Now i don't think they will make the playoffs this year but i feel maybe next year they could be lookin at the playoffs for the first time in a while. This was a good move for toronto as both players will help out phil kessel in making this team good. The other big thing in sports this weekend is not the probowl but instead the oklahoma city thunder. As some may not know the thunder are and NBA team (my favorite) and there star player kevin durant was able to drop 45 points last night against the golden state warriors. Man is durant ever impressive, this is only his third season in the nba and i for one feel he should be this years league mvp. He is now second in the league in ppg after passing lebron(last years mvp). Idk maybe im wrong in thinking that but in my mind he should be this years mvp, all i know is as long as they make the playoffs (currently 9th seed) i will be happy with that. So thats it for now got some stuf off my chest and i hope to be back with before the super bowl and give people my take on that a little later in the week.

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