Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wrestlemania 26

Well its that time of year again the time of Wrestlemania. To get myself ready for wrestlemania i have been watching all of the wrestlemanias of past going backwars(i have no idea why im going backwards it just kinda happened). Im actually watching Wrestlemania 17 right now the best wrestlemania. Now Wrestlemania is a special time of year for wrestling fans. Each fan has their favorite mine being 24 for obvious reasons(I was there) but other people have their own favorites. Wrestlemania has made some of the best memories in Wrestling. Whether it is seeing Hulk Hogan pick up and slam Andre the Giant in front of 93,000 fans at wrestlemania3. Or seeing the Ultimate Warrior actually have a good match with Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania6. Maybe its seeing Shawn Michaels electrify the audience with a magnificent ladder match at Wrestlemania10. Mayeb its seeing Shawn Michaels acheive his life long dream of being the WWE champion at wrestlemania12. Maybe its Stone Cold Steve Austins shocking heel turn at wrestlemania17. Or maybe its seeing The Rock and Hulk Hogan go one on one at wrestlemania18. Or even Ric Flairs emotional last match at wrestlemania24. All of these and many more is a small part of what makes wrestlemania so legendary. THis year is the 26th anual wrestlemania and i feel like we will witness another Wrestlemania moment. Now on to my picks for the show

John Morrison and R-Truth vs. The Miz and The Big Show for the unified Tag Team Titles. Im not sure if this match will actualy be on the ppv or if it will be the pre mania match they have for the live audience. If it is on the Wrestlemania card it will more than likelly open the show. If given enough time this could be a good match. John Morrison could perhaps be the best wrestler in the WWE right now while the Miz has been very impressive lately. Overall though i dont see Showmiz losing their titles anytime in the near future so they are my pick to win this match. WINNER: The Miz and THe Big Show

Christian vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Evan Bourne vs. Kane vs. Jack Swagger vs. Drew Mcyntire vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP vs. Matt Hardy in a Money In The Bank Ladder Match. Now the MITB match is almost always the best match of the night it is always a high octane event. Im looking forward to this match. When it comes to MITB Shelton Benjamin never dissapoints he always steals the match somehow he is truly MR. MITB. Its just to bad that the WWE doesnt like to push him. Now when i look at possible winners 3 people come to mind. One is Christian because out of everyone in this match he os the best wrestler and most deserving of winning. Kofi Kingston is another person because the last few months they have been giving him a nice well deserved push, and finally Drew Mcyintire because they seem to be very high on him right now. But when i annalyze all the options i feel the best pick is Christian and that is who i will go with as my pick. WINNER: Christian

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio where if Rey Loses he must join the straight edge society. On paper this should be a good match maybe even match of the night. But you have to take history into effect on this one. Most of Rey's wrestlemania matches end rather quickly minus one or two of them. Cm PPunk has only been in MITB matches. So he hasnt really gotten over the wrestlemaia jitters. But i hope history doenst play a factor and we get a good match. Now when i look at which of these 2 guys could win it seems pretty obvious that they want to keep up this rivalry past wrestlemania and the best way to do that is to have Rey win so that is my pick. WINNER: Rey Mysterio

HHH vs. Sheamus This match is interesting for a few reasons. One its the first match since wrestlemania 17 that had HHH wrestle in a match that wasnt for either the WWE OR Wolrd Heavyweight titles. Now Sheamus has been given the biggest push in WWE history he got to win the WWE title within 3 months of starting in the WWE. Alot of people say that he only got this push because he is HHH's work out partner maybe thats true maybe its not who knows. I think Sheamus is pretty talented but not sure if he is ready for a high profile match this ealry in his career. Which is why I think HHH will win this match. WINNER: HHH

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted Dibiase jr. This match could and up being better than most people think. All 3 of these guys are talented. Orton in my opinion is one of the best wrestlers in the WWE right now. At the same time Cody and Ted are deffinatlly the future of the buisness. So this match is the whole the now vs. the future. I still feel like Cody is gonna end up helping Orton win this match starting up Teds face run. WINNER: Randy Orton

Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred match. This match i am not looking forward to for many reasons. One both of these men are over 50 years old. Vince is over 60 years old. Bret cant take any bumps because of a stroke he had back in 2003. He cant get hit in the head ebcause of the storke. So that means that this match is pretty much gonna be Bret beating the shit out of Vince. WINNER: Bret Hart

Shawn Michales vs. The Undertake The Streak vs. The Career. Now its not actualy being called "the" career but when you look back at wrestling no one has had a better career than Shawn Michaels. This is the rematch to last years classic that was not only the match of the night, not only the math of the year, but perhaps the best match at a wrestlemania. Maybe not Shawns best but deffinatlly in his top5 and it could have been The Undertakers best mania match. Now when picking this match the safe pick is to not go against the streak. But on the otherhand if anyone is gonna break the streak Shawn is the guy to do it. However i am gonna stay with the safe pick ans say the streak goes to 18-0. WINNER: The Undertaker

John Cena vs. Batista for the WWE title. THis match was actually supposed to happen at last years mania but batista was hurt so they had to put it off for another time. THis match is a rematch from their decent match at summerslam 2008. In that match though batista accidentally broke John Cena's neck. I feel like this match will not be as good as their match from summerslam for a few reasons. One is Batista has seemed to be lazy latelly and doesnt really put his all into his matches anymore. Also because of that Cena as good as he is cant carry batista to a good match. Now when it comes to my pick im feeling Cena because i feel like they want to have a Cena Btista3 and the only way to do that is have Cena win this sunday. WINNER: John Cena

Edge vs. Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight title. This is the match that i am looking forward to the most. I feel like this match is the favorite for match of the night. Both of these men are perhaps the best in the company so haviing them wrestle each other is a good idea. The back story has been great as well going into it. Everything about this match just says classic and i hope thats what we get. I feel like we will see Edge get his "revenge" on Jericho for moking him while he was hurt. WINNER: Edge

I cant wait for this years Wrestlemania whether i get my picks right or not it doesnt matter to me jyst as long as the matches are good i will be happy. If any of you have your own picks for mania feel free to leave them for me. For those of you who watch i hope you enjoy because i know if its as good as I'm hoping I will enjoy this years WRESTLEMANIA.

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Miked913 said...

This is a terrific blog post. I enjoyed the thorough and in depth analysis of each prediction and for the most part you did pretty well on your predictions. Only problem I had was I very highly disagreed with you on the Edge Vs Jericho being the match of the night. I was looking forward to HBK vs. Undertaker and that match was most certainly match of the night. Lets hope HBK really doesn't retire.