Friday, March 5, 2010


Okay its once again oscar season and that meens time for me to make my now annual oscar picks. This past year was a great year for movies oscar nominated and not oscar nominated just an overall good year. Okay so like last time im going to be picking the big 5 thats best picture, best actor, best actress, best supposrting actor, best supposrting actrss. Now usually i try to see most of the oscar nominated movies but i havnt done that yet so im going to have to go with what i have seen and from other award shows. First we have best supporting actress, Okay so the nominees are Penolope cruz for nine, vera farminga for up in the air, monique for precious, maggie gylenhall for crazy heart, and anna kendrick for up in the air. Now i havnt seen any of theese movies yet but have heard good things about all of them (especially up in the air) my pick for this category is gonna have to be monique just based on the way eveyone has been talking about her performance plus she won the golden globe and the sag for best supporting actress which usually means oscar so she is going to be my pick, my backup pick is gonna be vera farminga for up in the air everyone says she is the surprise pick for the oscar and i think they could be right so she is my backup pick. Next is best supporting actor the niminees are matt damon for invictus, stanley tucci for the lovely bones, woody harralson for the messanger, christopher waltz inglorious basterds, and christopher plummer for the last station. with these the only movie i have sen is inglorious basterds which was a good movie and christopher waltz is my pick to win the oscar. he was great in that movie and deserves all the awards he has won so far (golden globe and a sag) so i deffinatlly think he is going to win the oscar this year. my back up pick for this category is going to be matt damon ive heard that this is his best performance ina movie since the departed and he was ridiculous in the departed so he is my back up pick. Next is best actress the nominees are sandra bullock for the blind side, hellen mirran the last station, meryl streep for julie and julia, carey mulligan for an education, and gabourey sidibe for precious. My pick for this one while it was difficult for me to make is gonna be sandra bullock for the blind side. Everyone who talks about this says that the blind side is sandra bullocks erin brackavich(that was the movie that got julie roberts her fisrt oscar and really made her an established actress) plus with all the awards she has won she is definatlly my pick. My backup is gabourney sidibe for precious from what ive hearsd when you watch her in this movie there is 100% chance you will cry afterwards so thats pretty powerful and is why she is my backup pick. next is best actor the nominees are jeff bridges for crazy heart, george clooney for up in the air, morgan freeman for invictus, colin firth for a single man, andjeremy renner for the hurt locker. Out of all these movies i have only seen the hurt locker( great movie by the way) and i must admit jeremy renner was great int hat movie and deffinatlly deserves all the praise he has been getting from it but i dont think eh will win my pick is jeff bridges for crazy heart. he has won all the awards for his performance in it already so why not round it out with the oscar. my backup pick is still not jeremy renner even though he was great it is george clooney from what ive heard about clooney from up in the air is that he was destined to win the oscar until crazy heart came out in theaters earlier than expected so that is the main reason he is my back up pick. Finally the big one the reason people stay up late to see which movie will win best picture. This year for some reason there are 10 movies nominated isntead of the usual 5 i have no idea why but that is what they are doing the nominees are Avatar, The hurt locker, Inglorious basterd, UP, up in the air, a seious man, precious, district9, the blind side, and an education. Now ive only seen two of the 10 nominated movies being the hurt locker and inglorious basterd (both great movies highly recomended the hurt locker was a little beter) now im probablly one of about 100 people left in the country who havnt seen avatar but i havnt yet and still despretlly want to. My pick for best icture is Avatar from what ive heard it really was the best movie of 2009 and it also won all the awards so far. My backup pick is the hurt locker that movie was so good and so intense that it kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time you were watching the movie it was great the acting the directing everything about the movie was great just from what ive heard avatar is a little better which is why avatar is my number one pick with the hut locker being my backup. WEll i hope i do as good if not better than last year as last year i got 4.5 out of 5 right pretty good this year im hopin for 5 out of 5 but you never no there is always a surpise winner at the oscars. All i no is they should be great and i cant wait for this sunday. alek baldiwin and steve martin will be hosting this years event(i wonder if they realize that this isnt saturday night live theyre the 2 people who have hosted that more than anyone incase peopel dont get my little joke) they should be funny and it should be a grea night i might go see one of the movies this weekend before the oscars themselves well see but to those of you who watch i hope you enjoy and if you have picks of your own leave them for me in the comment section and ill tell you how wrong you are if you disagree with one of my picks just kidding.


Miked913 said...

This has been a very intriguing and in depth analysis of the oscars. Besides the fact that this is all one sentence and you pretty much did what our music teacher told us not to do, I enjoyed it . hahahhah no seriously i love it

nick said...

thanks im pissed though i went 4.5 for 5 again wtf why did the hurt locker have to be such a good movie