Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wrestlemania 26 Results

Wow was wrestlemania 26 ever good, how good you ask well lucky for you i am here to let you know, with my now annual wrestlemania results. For those who dont know i rate each match on a scale of 1-10. Let me start off by saying i had high expectations for wrestlemania and they were all but reached so without further ado on to the results

The Miz and The Big Show defeated John Morrison and R-Truth
This match was a good way to open the show. It had some nice back and forth action that got the crowd into it. The length was a little short but overall this match didnt need to be too long. The match ended when The Big Show made a blind tag and hit John Morrison with his knockout punch as Morrison was about to do his flying chuck kick on miz. Like i said before i feel like this match served its point of making Showmiz a tag team that can beat all comers and i look forward to what they do with them moving forward. Match Rating: 7

Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase jr.
This match was actually much better than i was expecting it to be. It wasnt a typical triple threat match were everyone is involved at once. They did a good job of starting it off as a 2on1 match and then from there breaking it down almost into 2 seperate singles matches. The match broke down when Dibiase went for a pin and Cody wasnt havin any of that. Then they started to go at it until they saw Randy start to get back up and then tried to go after him. Randy hit them with a ddt at the same time and Ted ran out of the ring. Orton got ready to RKo Cody but then decided a nice punt to the skull would be better after that Ted tried to hit orton with dream street which got reversed into an RKO and then orton picked up the win. Match Rating: 8

Jack Swagger defeated Christian, MVP, Kofi Kingston, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Shelton Benjamin, and Matt Hardy in a Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Now if the rumor is treu that this is the last MITB match at wrestlemania they did not give it a good sendoff. THis was without a doubt the worst MITB match yet. Now with that said it was sttill a pretty good match. I was however very dissapointed to see limited use of Shelton Benjamin int his match he is the reason this match is usaually as good as it is. But anyway the match ended with Christian about to grab the breifcase only to have Jack Swagger knock him off the ladder by hitting him in the face with the breifcase. Then Swagger took what felt like 20 minutes(really like 30seconds still pretty long though) to take down the breifcase and pull off the shock of the night. I must admit i never in a million years would have thought that Swagger was gonna be the guy to win it this year. So i deffinatlly give them an a for shock value here. Match Rating: 6

HHH defeated Sheamus
This match was a good solid match. The pace wasnt fast but i didnt expect it to be but at the same time it wasnt to slow either, it kept a good pace throughout. The match had some good momets were HHH was about to go for the pedigree but was countered and hit with the big boot. Sheamus went for the pin but was only able to get a 2 count. Then Sheamus hit HHH with another big bot but was spent so he wasnt able to make the pin. Then as they are both getting up HHH hits a pedigree from out of nowhere to score the win in what was a solid match. Sheamus deffinatlly proved he has potential and HHH helped him look really good in this match so cudos to the both of them. Match Rating 8

Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk
This match was very good and of all the matches that had happend up to this point was deffinatlly the best match. The only complaint i had was i felt it was a little to short i feel like they should have gotten another 5 minutes or so. But none the elss this match was still good otherwise. It had a lot of fast paced back and forth action. The match ended with CM Punk getting ready to hit mysterio with the go to sleep mystreio was able to counter and push punk into gallows and also into position for the 619 which rey hit and then was able to hit the splash and pick up the win. Like i said good match that if given maybe another 5 minutes or so could have been match of the night. Match Rating: 9

Bret Hart defeated Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred Lumberjack Match
This match was what i thought it was going to be about 10 minutes of Bret beating the shit out of Vince. The match started with vince saying he bought the Hart family and had them in his pocket only for Bret to say that the Hart family told Bret and he told them to double cross Vince so that wrestlemania 26 would be known as thenight Bret screwed Vince. The match was basically Bret beating vince up. Vince leaves the ring and gets beat up by the Hart family. Vince gets a crobar and fends off the Hart family only to get back in the ring and have Bret beat Vince up with the crowbar. THen a chair gets brought into the ring and Bret deides to hit Vince with it about 100,000 times. Then Bret puts vince in the sharpshooter and wins. I have to admit as much as this match sucked seeing Bret apply the sharpshooter again was awsome and brought me back to my childhood for a minute, but it didnt help this match in the good factor. Match Rating: 3

Chris Jericho defeated Edge to retain the World Heavyweight title
I must admit i had high expectations for this match adn it lived up to them. THis match was phenominal and was one of the best of the night. Jericho winning the title was a small surprise that i was happy with. The match had alot of back and forth action that ended with Jericho hitting Edge in the face with the belt and only gets a 2 count. THen he hits Edge with the code breaker and retains the title. THis match was very solid and the after beat down that saw Edge spear Jericho off of the anounce table through the litle baricade they have was pretty awsome and even added to this match that was already great before that spot. Match Rating: 9

Vickie Guerrero, Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse, and Alicia Fox defeated Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, Eve, and Mickie James
WHAT THE FUCK. This match could not have been serious was the WWE kidding me with this shit. Although through my pissed offness i have to give this match credit because it did the one thing i didnt think was gonna be possible that night, it was worse then BRet vs. Vince. seriouslly this match was not even serious and was an embarrassment to Wrestlemania. THis match had soooooo many messed up moves it wouldnt have been good for a raw. THe worst part was after Vickie hit the ABSOLUTE WORST frog splach i have ever seen she then went to pin Kelly Kelly and pulled her shoulders to high so the ref had to not wait to finish what could possible be the worst match in Wrestlemania history. Match Rating: 1

John Cena defeated Batista to become the new WWE champion
Wow this match was soooo much better than i was expecting. I was very impressed with this match. In the match there were many reversals including a ddt were cena landed almost right on his head and batista didnt tough him for a minute and i thought we had another owen hart steve austin incident. But that thankfully wasnt the case as cena seemd to be okay and finished the match strong getting big Dave in the STF and made him tap out. THis match was great it wasnt to long or to short and it was just overall great. Match Rating: 9

The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels to go 18-0 at Wrestlemania and ending Shawn Michales career
Let me start off by saying sorry Edge Jericho sorry Cena Batista you guys put in a hell of an effort but this match like the one they had last year was the match of the night and will be the match of the year. This match was very bitersweet and i feel Jerry Lawler said it best at ringside during the match "you dont want to see the streak end but at the same time you dont want to see Shwan Michales career and either". Very true king very true. This match was phenominal and i feel like if it truly shwan last match which i beleive it was it was a great way to go out. The match had some great movies including a moonsault from were shawn was on the turnbuckl eand hit the Undertaker through the spanish anounce table. The only downside in this match is the fact that The Undertaker more than likelly actually hurt his leg. The match ended with Undertaker hitting a tombstone only to have shwan kick out causing the undertaker to yell at shwan to stay down. Shawn wouldnt do that and gave the Undertaker the old thumb across the throat and then gave him a nice little slap to the face causing the undertaker to get pissed and hit shwan with another tombston this time getting the win and ending Shawn's career. As sad as i am to see shawn go (and trust me i am very sad about this he was my favorite wrestler ever and also just the greatest wrestler ever) i glad to see Shwan going out while he is still on top Im glad Shawn wasnt one of those guys who keeps wrestling even though he doesnt have it anymore cough ric flair, hulk hogan cough. Like they say all good things must come to an end (like this post lol) but i am really glad to see the WWE do the righ thing and let Shawns lat match ever be the last match of the night. Match Rating: 10

overall i gave this years Wrestlemania an overall grade of 70/100 or a c. This would have been better if it wasnt for that stupid divas match. But this years wrestlemania was deffinatlly better than last years mania. All 3 main events were phenominal and some matches were better than i thought. But that bring this years wrestlemania to an official close (thats right people wrestlemania is fully over till i right my results page) im thinking within the next day or two im gonna rank al the wrestlemanias from worst to best so be sure to check that out.

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Seeing as your about my 3rd wrestlemania review i have read, I agree with everyhting you said...fuck that divas match, the "HOG splash"...and yes very great way for HBK to go out...ahhh still can't believe it