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Ranking Wrestlemania

Okay so Wrestlemania 26 was last sunday and i have been in a heavy wrestlemania mood still since then, so to help myself out i decided i would rank all the wrestlemanias from worst to best. I probablly should have done this last year since it was a more monumental wrestlemania, but it wasnt all that great so i didnt still have this buzz and also i didnt think of doing this till like 2 datys ago. So without further ado we shall start the countdown with the worst wrestlemania in the history of wrestlemanias.

26. Wrestlemania9- This Wrestlemania was just bad theres no otherway to put it. It was an awful wrestlemania that never really had a good match. The best match was when the show opened and Shawn Michales some how pulled off a good match with Tatanka. The worst part about this mania was the end. It had Yokozuna beat Bret Hart to win his first ever WWE title only to have him lose it to Hulk Hogan literally 2 minutes later. This was just one of those wrestlemanias so bad you actually have to see it once.

25. Wrestlemania7- Now this one in all honest wasnt all that much better than 9. It had an okay match between hogan and sgt slaughter for the wwf title which hogan won that night. It also had a match between savage and the ultimate warrior which wanst all that great either. But it did however feature the Undertaker start his undefeated streak against Jimmy Snuka.

24. Wrestlemania8- It seems like there was a period of time in the beggining of the 90's were the WWE(F) wasnt really delivering on there wrestlemanias. Although i must admit having this as the third worst mania ever really says something about how good of an event mania truly is. This event actually had some pretty good matches like randy savage beating ric flair to carture the WWF title for a second time, or Jake the snake becoming victime number2 in the Undertakers now 18-0 streak so while it wasnt anything special it wasnt all that bad either.

23. Wrestlemania2- This was a decent mania were they wanted to be inivative i guess and have it being broadcasted from 3 different locations. It was in Chicago, Los Angels, and New York. THis had a battle royal won by Andre the Giant but i think the thing i remember most about this battle royal is it really featured bret hart as a guy who could go to that next leverl(which he ended up doing later on very very well). It also had a steel cage amtch between hogan and king kong bundy that wasnt all that great.

22. Wrestlemania25- This one is dissapointing ona few levels, while it pulled off not only the match of the year but one of the greatest at mania ever in Shawn Michales vs. The Undertaker for the first time, it also lacked in a lot of places. The match with jericho and the legends was not all that great and was only good because steamboat was still good for some reason. Also this was a monumental Wrestlemania it should have ahd some extra something there that just seemed to be missing.

21. Wrestlemania1- Now let me make this a little cleaer i am in no means calling this a bad wrestlemania it was actually good. Its just no were near as good as the 21 that are better than it. Now i feel like when people rate manias they put this one so high because it was the first and wihtout it i wouldnt be making this list and that is very true. But when you look at the grand scheme of things it really doesnt come close to other wrestlemanias. Now it had a main event that i wouldnt ncesarilly call good but more fun. It was Mr.T and Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Pipper and Paul Orndorf. Now his was a decent match that was fun to watch(not as fun as MR.T and Hulk Hogan hostin SNL the night before there scene with Billy Crystal is a classic youtube it if youve never seen it its good stuff) but if you look at the quality of the match it wasnt anything special just like the whole night it was good and it worked obviouslly but ti wasnt anything special other than the first wrestlemania.

20. Wrestlemania5- This wrestlemania was the debut of one Shawn Michales and the Midnight Rockers in a tag team match which they lost to the natural disasters. This was actually a decent match. But the match of the night and possible the only other good match was Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage for the WWF title. This was right around the time they were starting to give savage a heel push which i still think was a great idea. The whole fued was built around Miss Elizabeth and it seemed (when i watch it on tape) like everyone was split betweeen hogan and savage. You eithe rliked one or the other but not both at this time. This mania also had a decent match were Rick Rude was some how able to carry Ultimate Warrioir were Rude was able to win the IC title.

19. Wrestlemania11- This one was a special one for the people who work for the WWE because this one was from Hartford CT, and there headquarters are in Stamford CT. So alot of people feel like they were going home almost. But the card featured a great underrated match between Shawn Michales and Diesel, along with another fun match between bam bam bigelow and lawrence taylor. This was the only time and for good reasons that bigelow headlined a wrestlemania. THe rest of the show was decent it had a good submission match between Bret Hart and Bob Backlund that had a weird finish were you couldnt tell if backlund actually gave up or not and then he went on some weird rant about seeing lights after that. IDK overall it was a decent mania that i feel like many people forget about.

18. Wrestlemania13- This mania was only good for 2 reasons and those are the WWF title match between Pyscho Sid and The Undertaker, and one of the top 10 mainia matches of all time a sumbmission match between Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin. That match made this wrestlemania good there was nothing else to it besides that match. The Undertaker match just helped solidify this as a good mania.

17. Wrestlemania6- I will be the first to admit that i was one of about 10 people on the face of the earth who really wasnt a hogan fan. I just thought why do these people like him so much hes not all that great of a wrestler but that is an argument for another time (i smell a future post lol j/k maybe). Then you have the Ultimate warrioir who could easily be in the list of to 10 Worst wrestlers of all time. You put these two in the main event of a wrestlemania and you are sure for a disaster right? Wrong some how these two elements pulled off what is considered one of the 10 best matches in wrestlemania history and even I have to admit it was a pretty dam good match. I still dont know how they did it but im just glad they did.

16. Wrestlemania15- This was the one that featured the Rock and Austin finally showing the world they are the real deal especially in the attitude era. All of the matches that came before it were decent not great but decent. There was the hell in a cell match between The Undertaker and Big Bossman that was an average match, but then these two came out and tore the house down and made this a good wrestlemania that will be remembered for a while.

15. Wrestlemania4- This was a decent mania that was mostly a tournament for the vacant WWF title. I must admit i do enjoy a good tournament which is why i am still upset that they got rid of the King OF The Ring. But this night it was the era of Randy Savge where he captured his first ever WWF title which had the all of trump plaza emotional after that. The end of the show had Savage celebrating with the title and carrying Miss Elizabeth on his shoulders and Hogan came out and celebrated wih them it was just a nice moment and helped make this mania pretty good.

14. Wrestlemania26- Thats right the one that just happened and it was a good wresltemania. now I'll admit i may be rating it this hight partly ebcause it featured Shwan Michales last match adn that could very well be true, but it really was a solid night besides that match. It had 2 great title matches and a slew of mid card matches that were also very good. And then yes like i sadi there was the phenomonal match with Shawn and the Undertaker which happened to so far be Shawns last match although i am one of the few who feel like shwan is really done unfortunatlly.

13. Wrestlemania22- This was a solid mania that had some really good matches. It actually could have made the top ten if 2 things didnt happen one is the BookerT vs boogyman match and 2 was the Kan and Big Show vs Chris master and Carlito match. Other than that it was a really solid card that had a really good main event with John Cena beating HHH to retain his WWE title.

12. Wrestlemania23- This was the first time a mania opened with the money in the bank match and that may have hurt it because it opened with such a big bang that it took a while for anything to catch up to it. It was such a good money in the ban that everything after it until Undertaker Btista was just like okay that wasnt bad but i though ppv got usually got better going forward. THen those 2 title matches happened and you were like oh okay so there are matches here better than those first two.

11. Wrestlemania16- This was a great wresltemania that just barly missed my top 10 and i mean barely. THis had a phenomina triangle ladder match between the hardys dudleys and edge and christian. The main even also was very good with the fatal four way between Mick Foley, HHH, The Rock, and The Big Show where each person had a different McMahon in there corner. It also was the first time at a wresltemania were a bad guy one the main event match and that was something new and cool that i realy enjoyed.

10. Wrestlemania18- This is a mania that only makes it in the top 10 for one reason and i will get to that reason in a second, first let me say it had some good matches that usually get underrated like Taker Flair Austin Hall or HHH Jericho but the reason it is in my top 10 is because of Hogan Rock. This match was such a super dream match that to this day when i go back and watch it i get goosebumbs. The fact that this was actually happening was increadible and iam not even a hogan fan and i thought it was monumetal beyond belief. I was also very happy to see the rock wh o i feel is the better of the 2 and was totally my favorite of the attitude era win this match. The fans were so into this match like i was watching at home this could have been the loudest i was for a match i watched at home.

9. Wrestlemania12- This is only this high because it features what i conseider to not only be the best wrestlemania match but the best match period in Bret hart vs. Shawn Michaels in a 60 minute Iron Man Match. If you have never seen this match youtube it rent it do something to make sure you see this match rite now. Forget about the fact that it was the first ever WWF title win for Shawn Michaels and was such a good moment to see even if bret had won this would still be the best match ever. The rest of the night actually kind of sucked to be honest besides Undertaker Diesel the rest of the show was crap but this Iron Man Match was so good that it made this mania a top 10.

8. Wrestlemania14- This was a good wrestlemania all the way through the only thing i didnt like about this mania was besides the Michaels Austin match every match was either just over or very under 10 minutes. But on to the Michaels Austin match. This match was easily the match of the night which shows just how good Shawn truly was. He carried Austin and yes i say carried because this was before Austin was a great wrestler which he was. He carried Austin all while he had a broken back. if you go back and watch the match you can see the pain on his face and in this match there were alot of moves that just made the pain so much worse. This also was the official beginning of the Attitude era which in my opion is still the best era pro wrestling has ever seen.

7. Wrestlemania10- This mania was sooo good and sooo memerable. It started off with a classic between Bret Hart and Owen Hart in a match that ended with Owen beating Bret which I never expected to happen (although i was 3 and thought it was real still and at that point Bret was my Idol at least until later in the night which i will explain). Then ther was the abosulte match of the night and deffinatlly imo the #3 wrestlemania match of all time the infamous ladder match. This match is when i became a massive Shawn Michaels fan. At this point he deffinatlly surpassed bret as my favorite(although it would take ma few years to let Bret go as the all around top dog) a spot that he reamins to this day and i can say with 100% confidence he will never be passed. Any ways it was a great match that even if you have seen go see again. Then there was the end were bret hart regained his WWF title from yokuzuna in a match that was actually pretty good and at 3 years ol and Bret as now one of my favorites made me very happy to see.

6. Wrestlemania3- This one is as high as it is for a few reasons. Lets start with the obvious reason. Hogan slamming Andre, there might not be any more talked about moment in all of pro wrestling. Everyone knows about when Hogan slammed Andre at wrestlemania3 even people who dont like wrestling. Then theres the fact that it is the highets attend wrestlemania in the history of wrestlemania but not only the highest attended mania but also the highest attened wrestling event in North america with 93,000 people. Then there is the main reason i rated it this high Savage vs. Steamboat now i said that the ladder match was the 3rd best match and that is because this is the second gretest only behind the Iron Man Match which i said was the greatest match period so that is quite the compliment. Seriouslly ive said go see alot of matches if youve never seen them but this is one that should deffinatlly be seen right after the Iron Man Match if youve never seen that. Just one of the all time greatest matches.

5. Wrestlemania20- This was good all the way around. It had great amtches and great moments. It could have been in the top 3 if it wasnt for Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg. Now on paper that sounds like it would be a good match right? No it is perhaps one of the worst match in mania history that isnt a divas match(because those are almost always bad). But everything else was great the eddie guerrero vs kurt angle amtch were eddie retained his WWE title in a very creative way, not to mention the phenominal main even were Chris Beniot defeated both HHH and Shwan Michales to win his first ever World Heavyweight title. Then after that match were the confetti was falling and Chris was celebrating his big victorty Eddie is in the ring with his WWE title and they hug and celebrate together a genuine moment that will now be remembered forever.

4. Wrestlemania24- Lets forget for a moment that i was there this was all around a great mania minus the divas match were the power wnet out. It had what has to be the best money in the bank match yet. It had Ric Flairs last match against Shawn Michaels in what was a tremendous match. It ha the best involvment with a celebrity yet with Floyd Mayweather taking on the Big Show and it also featured a very good match between th Undertaker and Edge were the undertaker won his 6th wordl title, add the fact that yes i was there and you ahev the fourth best mania ever in my mind.

3. Wrestlemania21- This was another one that was good from top to bottom. It featured 2 good title matches seeing Batista and Cena each win there first ever big time titles. It had a great match that is often underrated between the Undertaker and Randy Orton where orton proved he could hang in the main event circle. Then there is the match that many call the match of the decade and i have to agree with them on that between Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels, the only bad part of this match was the fact that it had to end. This was a solid mania that was only out done by 2 making it the #3 on my list of best manias.

2. Wrestlemanis19- This mania had the best all around matches in it, there litterally wasnt 1 bad match every single one of them was great. It featured Shawn Michaels return to Wrestlemania ina classic against Chris Jericho. It had Rock vs. Austin 3 were the rock was finally able to beat Austin in another classic match that night. It had Vince vs. Hogan which you think wouldve sucked but since they made it a no holds barred match was actually really good. And then there was the main event which i would call the match of the night except its hard to call any of these matches the match of the night because it was so good. But anyways the main even featured Brock Lesnar beating Kurt Angle for the WWE title were in the match brock missed a shooting star press and gave himmself a concussion and made the match that much better its to bad that he got hurt but him missing and landing on his head looked so much sicker than if he had hit it. This was just a phenominal wresltemania.

1. Wrestlemania17- This is the greatest mania ever for a few reasons. It featured a crazy hardcore match foer the hardcore title between Raven, Big Show and Kane. It had what i consideer to be the match of the night with Angle vs. Benoit in a classic. It had a street fight between vince and shane that was just something else and also featured the first time Shane went coast to coast and that move made me go crazy. And it had the Rock Austin 2 which out of the 3 is deffiantlly there best encounter. THis was just all aorund solid and is only better than 19 because it had something else i cant really describe there was just some it factor that night that helped make this the ebst mania ever.

Well thats all 26 in order in my opinon. Well have to see how next years ranks(not that im gonna rank them every year because that is a lot of work i really dont want to do). @7 comes from Atlanta next year and is more than likelly gonan have HBK getting inducted into the hall of fame i might just have to be going backl to wrestlemania. I promise in my next few posts to talk about something other than wrestling as that is what my past 3 have been about and im sure some people could be sick of hearing me talk about it, but tis just one of those things i could talk about forever. Well have to see what is on my mind the next time i post, im bettin sports but you can never be sure with me even i dont know what im gonna think about ahead of time.

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