Thursday, November 20, 2008

childrens story

ok todays thursday and every thursday im planin on tryin to do the nick flanagan story hour most of the time it will be a story i had to write for english class this year so hears the first one it was a childrens story that had to somehow deal with everlasting life so hear it s and i hope you all enjoy it
The journey

once upon a time lived the world renown swimmer micheal phelps. on one particular day michael phelps ran into his good freind and former guns and roses guitarist slash. slash aksed micheal phelps if he would help him find the everlasting guitar pick. micheal phelps decided to help slash and the two men headed out on their way to the everlasting guitar pick. unfortunatlly the two men ran into the second most eviliest man on the planet tom brady. tom brady attacked the two men with many of his magical attacks. slash and michael phelps had no idea how to stop tom brady. then michael phelps knew how to stop tom brady they had to find someone better looking than tom brady. so michael phelps had slash his good friend jon bon jovi. when jon bon jovi showed up his good lookingness was to much and tom brady vanished. in his place was the everlasting guitar pick. then the three men rode off on the three legged unicorn.

the end

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