Sunday, November 16, 2008


alright i figured i would write about music today because thats whats on my mind. even though it is sunday during football season im still gonna blog about music today. ive noticed that new music is really crappy and the music thats actually new and good you can never really find on the radio or at least i cant. there are just a select few of bands out there who actually play good music. unlike bake in the 80's(just guessin there i wasnt alive yet) and 90's were there was a lot of good music and it was played alot (sometimes too much). but now theres nothing good really sure theres somestuff here and there like the foo fighters nickleback and even someother stuff but it just seems like music has started to go down hill. and the people who are fans of this music are very defensive about it. like i know some people who when i tell them that musiclly the drummer and guitarists are way better from like the 60-80's they get defensive and are like yea for now but its evolving and there will better muscicians coming around. if its evolving theve had like 8 years at least to be better you would think after 8 years something better would come up but i guess there all to busy being divas and thinking there gods gift to earth when they have like 100 fans total. seriouslly these bands play in the tiniest venues and the fans of these bands say its because they dont think there fans would go to any big place to see them but i think its just because there not good enough to play in these places and they dont have enough fans to be in these places. one of the smallest arenas i know of mohegan sun in conneticut seats im gonna say at most 5000 people and theres no way these bands could draw 5000 people they would be lucky to draw 1000 people but there fans are attamit about them and that they could easilly draw that many fans. whatever im happy that there loyal to there bands and arnt being posers but they could just be really dedicated posers but i just kinda wish these bands would be better about what they play and hurry up and evolve into better muscicians because i want to hear what the guitarist whos gonna be better than eddie van halen or eric clapton or jiimi hendrix or jimmy page or joe perry and al the other ones sound like because if there better than all of them then damn there good

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