Friday, November 14, 2008

First real post

hey everybody hows it goin im nick and this is my blog. im gonna write about whats on my mind that day it may be music it may be sprots it may be movies it could be about my life it could be about anything thats on my mind( just a heads up to those of you reading this it will be about sports and pro wrestling like 75-80 percent of the time) im lookin forward to keepin people up to date on whats goin on in my mind sometimes it could be funny sometimes it may be ugly and sometimes it may make you want to look away (computers dont do sarcasm very well i noticed)

1 comment:

jenfromRI said...

Hey Nick - hows about some grammar? Just kidding; you can write how you want on your own darn blog. I'm looking forward to reading about those sprots, though. :)