Friday, November 28, 2008

todays thought

Todays thought's are about the Boston Bruins. I'm not really a Bruins fan i don"t mind tem but I'm happy that there doin as good as they are. They are currentlly in first place in the east and show a lot of promise if they continue this way. I know it's still early in the season but I just thought i would point that out that the Bruins who are really never expected to do very good are doin quit well right now and I hope they keep that up. I also hope i didn't just jinx them but good luck to them on the rest of their season.


jenfromRI said...

Yeah, go Bruins! What he said!

By the way, Nick, the page where you write your posts has a spellcheck feature. But I didn't just say that.

lilypotter said...

Hey Nick, did you know your sister is a snarky bitch? Which one, you ask? Well... I'll leave that up to you to decide.

I'm not a big hockey fan, but I'm a sucker for home teams, so Go Bruins!

(This is Jess, by the way).