Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Okay we are now just a mear 4 days away from super bowl 44, and i couldn't be more excited. We have the New Orleans saints being led by drew brees to face off against the Indianapolis Colts led by peyton manning. You have your $35million commercials, your pizza places making millions apon millions of dollars, dont even get me started on how the liquior stores will be on saturday night and sunday. Okay now lets take a look at the game. Going into the playoffs the saints ended the season 13-3 after having lost there last 3 games of the season. But when the playoffs started you couldnt even tell that they had lost there last 3 they came in like a well oiled machine. Although when it came to their NFC championship game against the vikings they came close to losing it, but thanks to the vikings for making a very stupid to many men in the huddle penalty causing bret favre to throw the football, which turned out to be an interception. the game went to over time where the saint emerged victorious. THen there is the colts who ended the season 14-2 having lost there last 2 games of the season sparking alot of controversie within there first loss. Half way threw the game and a perfect 14-0 season they decided to take out their starters while only having a 3 point lead. this caused them to lose the game and made critics talk for a very long time hell their probablly still talking about it. But once the playoffs started so did the colts emerging victoious in both of their playoff games and neither one being all that close to begin with. Now lets look at each teams star player it just so happens that both teams star players are their qb's. The saints like i said are led by drew brees who in his 2 playoff games this year has thrown for 444 yards and 6 touchdowns with 0 interception. those are some very good numbers for a qaurterback to have. Then theres the colts who are led by peyton manning. Manning is coming into the playoffs with 623 passing yards with 5 touchdowns and 1 interception. Those are also very good numbers. Heres th big thing though experience has to go to the colts seeing as how they have won the big one once before. The saints are going into their first super bowl in franchise history. Also history is on the side of the colts lets look back shale we. Last year the steelers won the super bowl, the first time the colts won the super bowl the year before they won it the steelers won. The first time peyton manning won a super bowl it was in miami in the rain, this years super bowl is in miami and last i heard there is a good chance of rain that day. Aslo when they won it the last time in the afc championship game they made a second half comeback agisnt the new england patriots, this year they made as econd half comeback aginst the new york jets another afc east team. So history is on the side of the colts, but sometimes history doesnt mean anything. If the colts fall behind in this game bye 14 or more points there is no way they make a comeback the saints offence is just too good. Personally i will be ruting for the saints since they have never won a super bowl before i would like to see them do it. I fell like they will have the advantage of the crowd because miami is closer to new orleans than it is to indy and being their first super bowl ever i expect there to be a lot of saints fans at this game. It is hard to compete agaisnt saints fans when you are the other team thay just have some edge. All i know is it has the potential to be a very good game and i expect it to be very high scoring. I feel however i will be rooting for the saint something is telling me manning gets ring number 2 in a hrad fought battle with the final score being 45-41 colts. I hoe all of you who watch enjoy the super bowl as i know i will(unless the game totally sucks), and lets not forget that the who is performing at halftime. I dont think they will be as good as springsteen was last year but i am looking forward to seeing them and who knows maybe theyll have a half time smashing their stuff. But anyway i hope people enjoy the superbowl especially if anyone is going to any parties like i am those are alwys fun, but should be a good game so enjoy it people.

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Miked913 said...

I enjoyed your blog, and i agree with you and will most certainly be rooting for the saints. And by the way, i didnt get into that math class she said she couldn't do it..Im super pissed