Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Okay i just finished what i would consider a dream day after watching about 4 hours of wrestling. It started with me finally watching the royal rumble 9i know a little late but better late than never). Overall with exception of the divas match i felt that the royal rumble was a very good pay per view. After Wrestlemania the royal rumble could be my favorite pay per view, either that or summerslam. The show started off with a pretty good ecw title match between christian and ezekial jackson. I have to say that match was much better than i had expected it to be, usually jackson has some bad matches but something about captain charisma made him have a good match. Next was a match for the us title between the miz and mvp. I really hoe this match wasnt the last we see of these two against each other, they had been building a very good rivalry going into this match and i would love to see that continue. Then i was a little surprised to see the wwe title match next but i was not dissapointed with it. I expected a good match between these two mostly because orton is currentlly one of the best and sheamus if given the right oponent isnt all that bad and is only improving. They had the divas match next which was a major disapointment and really didnt need ot be there. The world title match between mysterio and the undertaker was perhaps the match of the night that wasnt the royal rumble match. The rumble match itself was a good one like it usually is and had some surprises. The biggest surprise was the see beth phoenix enter in th rumble and have her eliminate someone. I was actually ok with that as she is one of the only divas who can have a good match. I was really glad to see edge come back as he could possible be my favorite wrestler right now not named shawn michaels. Then i watched raw which wasnt all that bad. I was glad to see them get the participant for the elimination chamber match quick instead of dragging the qualifing matches on like they usually do. THe angle with bret hart and vince is startingto look good but i feel like batistas interference in last night showdown was unneeded. I was really glad to see kofi kingston qualify for the elimination chamber, because adding him to a match only makes it better. cant wait to se what hapens this friday on smackdown with their elimination chamber. This is the best time for wrestling fans because the time between the rumble and wrestlemania is like wwe's version of the playoffs. So thats my post for today check back tomorrow as i plan on analyzing and making a pick for this sundays super bowl.

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