Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SuperBowl over Wrestlemania coming

Okay so the super is now over after a good game between the colts and the saints where the saints won 31-17. I'm happy for the saints, it seemed like every person who wasnt a colts fan was rooting for the saints whether they were a fan of theirs or not. They were the feel good story of the year. But now that the superbowl and football is over :( i will now be focusing my attention on how things work out till wrestlemania. There are many different options i see possible playing out. I still feel that orton and dibiase will deffinatlly be facing each other at mania, along with cena and batista. Edge will be main eventing the whole thing but against who? I currentlly think it will be chris jericho but we'll have to wait and see. I have no idea what there gonna do with the shawn michaels angle, that one could go in any direction right now, maybe he faces triple h maybe he faces the undertaker maybe he is in the money in the bank and wins and cashes it in against the undertaker.(I dont think the last one will happen, but you never know) Also i dont know what they are gonna do with the undertaker or triple h will one of them face shawn michaels and if so what will the other one do. Man things are heating up in the wwe and its starting to get interesting, like i said before this area between the royal rumble and wrestlemania is like the wwe's playoffs and i like how things really get heated up. I feel like after the elimination chamber pay per view in 2 weeks it will be much more clear where all the story lines will be headed but until then i will have to watch and guess.

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